Sabretooth Costume

How To Dress Like Sabretooth 

Sabretooth Cosplay

Sabretooth Cosplay Costume

Dress like Sabretooth; Sabretooth costume consists of a black dress shirt, black trench coat and military jacket, combat boots, to complete your Sabretooth cosplay look don't forget to get military ID dog tack, vampire teeth and false witch nails.

Sabretooth Hallowen Costume

Sabretooth is a mutant who, like his younger half-brother Wolverine, possesses a range of pet-like abilities such as retractable hooves, improved senses and a regenerative healing factor.

Sabretooth Costume

Sabretooth is generally angry and says that he is an animal and also tries to convince his half-brother Logan. His only good side was with Logan, since he and Logan would protect each other since they were children and through the wars. After Logan left, Victor did not pick up the rejection and continued working with Stryker. After six years, Victor contacted him again after killing his girlfriend Kayla Silverfox.

After losing his memory and amplifying his mutation, Sabretooth shows more animalistic qualities and follows Magneto as leader of the Mutant Brotherhood.

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