Bishop Costume

Bishop Costume

How To Dress Like Bishop From X-Men

X Men Bishop Cosplay

Dress like Bishop From X-Men; Bishop  costume consists of a black waterproof jacket and pants, red superhero cape, knee pads and black motorcycle boots, to complete your Bishop look don't forget to get red contact lenses, outdoor tactical vest and an airsoft gun.

Bishop Hallowen Costume

X Men Bishop Halloween Costume

Bishop is a mutant with the ability to absorb energy and use the power in a red blast.
As the Sentinels are sent out to find and kill subterranean mutants, they adapt to each situation and change their form.


Bishop Cosplay

Iceman, Sunspot, Blink, and Warpath fight the Sentinels while Shadowcat and Bishop run into a closet somewhere. Bishop lies down and Kitty massages his temples and sends his consciousness into the past. The others buy time with their lives. A Sentinel grabs Sunspot's neck, Iceman's head is cut off and crushed, Blink is impaled and Warpath is torn to pieces. When the Sentinel breaks through the cupboard and blows up the fire, everything disappears. The past has been changed.

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