Dress Like Hela Costume

Halloween is right around the corner and if you're a Marvel fan, you might be considering dressing up as Hela, the goddess of death from "Thor: Ragnarok". If you're going for the ultimate Hela look, you're in for a treat because this costume is equal parts fabulous and fearsome. So, grab your horns and let's get started!

Hela Costume


You will need the following items for your Hela Halloween costume: 

  1. Hela Cosplay Costume
  2. Black Wavy Wig
  3. Hela Cosplay Boots
  4. Hela's Necrosword Replica
  5. Hela Cosplay Headdress Helmet

To dress up as Hela from Thor: Ragnarok, you can start by wearing a black catsuit, or alternatively black pants and a long-sleeved black shirt. Then add a black bodice or corset, a black cape, and black gloves. To complete the look, you can wear a black headpiece or create one using black fabric, cardboard, and hot glue. Add green face paint for the character's iconic cheekbone markings and style your hair in a sleek and slicked-back look. Finally, accessorize with a pair of horns, which can be purchased or created with a headband and craft foam.

How To Dress Like Hela From Thor: Ragnarok

Dress Like Hela From Marvel

First things first, you'll need a headpiece that resembles Hela's iconic helmet. The helmet should have large spikes on top, so make sure you get one that's big and bold enough to make a statement. Trust us, the bigger the spikes, the better the costume!

Next, you'll want to focus on the dress. Hela's outfit is all about the details, so make sure your dress has a high neckline and long, billowing sleeves. It should be form-fitting around the bust and waist, and flow out at the bottom to create that regal, goddess-like silhouette. To give your costume that extra pop, consider adding a metallic-looking material or even glitter to the bodice.

Hela's weapons are an integral part of her look, so don't forget to add a pair of fierce-looking swords to your costume. If you're not able to get real swords, consider using foam or plastic ones instead. Just make sure they look sharp and menacing!

When it comes to makeup, you'll want to focus on bold, dramatic eye makeup that resembles Hela's. Think smoky eyes, lots of eyeliner, and bold lashes. Pair that with a bold red lip and you'll be channeling the goddess of death in no time.

Finally, accessorize with long, black gloves and high heels that match your dress. If you really want to take your costume to the next level, add some black boots with a pointy toe to give your look that extra touch of evil.

There you have it, folks! With these simple tips, you'll be ready to conquer Halloween as Hela from "Thor: Ragnarok". Just remember to practice your most intimidating scowl and you'll be the queen of the party in no time!

Hela Hallowen Costume

Here are some tips to embody Hela's persona for Halloween:

  1. Confidence: Hela exudes confidence and power, so walk and talk with conviction.
  2. Commanding presence: Stand tall and project an aura of authority.
  3. Powerful gestures: Use exaggerated hand gestures to emphasize your words.
  4. Haughty demeanor: Adopt a haughty, disdainful expression.
  5. Regal attire: Wear regal-looking clothing or a costume that resembles her Asgardian attire.
  6. Intimidating voice: Speak in a low, menacing tone.
  7. Laugh loudly: Hela is known for her evil cackles, so let loose with a sinister laugh.

Remember, it's all about having fun and embracing the character you're portraying. So have a great time and enjoy the holiday!

If you're going as Hela from "Thor: Ragnarok" on Halloween, why not gather your Asgardian squad for a good Halloween party? Here are some costume suggestions for your friends:

  1. Thor-rific: Let your friend dress up as Thor, complete with a toy hammer and a flowing cape. Bonus points if they pretend to constantly lose grip on the hammer!
  2. Loki's Mischief: Your friend can dress up as Loki, complete with a mischievous grin and a pair of oversized horns. Just don't trust them with any of your candy!
  3. Hulking Out: Another friend can join the fun as Hulk. Encourage them to go all out with the green body paint and let them smash their way through the Halloween party.
  4. Valkyrie's Fly Entrance: Another friend can channel their inner Valkyrie, complete with a winged helmet and a sword. Have them make a grand entrance, swooping down from the skies.
  5. Grandmaster's Glamour: Finally, your last friend can dress up as the Grandmaster, complete with a glittering costume and a pair of over-the-top shades. Just make sure they keep the party going with their funky dance moves!

Have fun, and happy Halloween!

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