Eddie Munson Costume

Stranger Things Eddie Costume

How To Dress Like Eddie From Stranger Things

Eddie Munson Cosplay

Dress like Eddie from Stranger Things;

Eddie Munson Costume: Eddie is a metalhead and dresses like one. For your Eddie Munson Halloween costume, you need a “the hellfire club” t-shirt, black leather jacket and ripped black jeans.

Eddie Munson Accessories: To complete your Eddie Munson Halloween costume, don't forget a 80s rocker wig and black biker boots.

Stranger Things Costume Ideas

Stranger Things Eddie Halloween Costume

Eddie (Joseph Quinn) is one of the main characters in Season 4 of Stranger Things. He is the leader of the Dungeons & Dragons club (the Hellfire Club), of the Hawkins High School.

Eddie is a dark '80s metalhead and he is the leader of The Hellfire Club, Hawkins High School's official D&D club. Some people hate him and others love him.

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