Eddie Munson Costume


Eddie Munson Costume


Eddie Munson as Michael Myers Costume

Eddie Munson michael myers costume

You need the following items for your Eddie Munson as Michael Myers Halloween Costume:

  1. Hellfire Club Baseball Tee
  2. Black Leather Jacket
  3. Ripped Black Jeans
  4. Michael Myers Mask
  5. Reebok Men's Classic Renaissance Sneaker

For a brief 5 seconds, our beloved Eddie is seen wearing the Halloween mask of inhuman, gruesome, terrifying serial killer Michael Myers. Some think it is cool and fun, yet others think it is a clue that Eddie would always be seen as the satanic serial killer of Hawkins in the upcoming final season of Stranger Things.

How To Dress Like Eddie From Stranger Things

Eddie Munson Cosplay

Dress like Eddie from Stranger Things;

Eddie Munson Costume: Eddie is a metalhead and dresses like one. For your Eddie Munson Halloween costume, you will need a “the hellfire club” t-shirt, black leather jacket, a denim vest and ripped black jeans.

Eddie Munson Accessories: To complete your Eddie Munson Halloween costume, don't forget a 80s rocker wig and black biker boots.

Stranger Things Costume Ideas

Stranger Things Eddie Halloween Costume

If you don’t already own similar jeans, a leather jacket, a denim vest, and a pair of vintage Rebook sneakers, you can easily find them at any retail store to recreate Eddie Munson's fantastic metalhead look. There is a low chance you can find his wig, necklace, and Dio patch at a local costume shop, so you may want to look online to match up Eddie Munson's look to make sure you get as close to his style as possible.

Get a few of your friends or family members together to cosplay the Stranger Things! Get dressed up like Chrissy, Dustin Henderson, Max Mayfield, Lucas, Erica, and Henry Creel to bring the entire gang together and turn this solo look into a group cosplay that is spookily perfect for Halloween! Make a rock and roll face and send us a picture of your Eddie costume all put together with the rest of your crew.

Eddie Munson Cosplay

Eddie (Joseph Quinn) is one of the main characters in Season 4 of Stranger Things. He is the leader of the Dungeons & Dragons club (the Hellfire Club), at Hawkins High School.

Eddie is a dark '80s metalhead, and he is the leader of The Hellfire Club, Hawkins High School's official D&D club. Some people hate him and others love him.

The fourth season of the awesome sci-fi show “Stranger Things” features a great plot and extraordinary costumes, especially Eddie Munson's Stranger Things S04 costume. If you're looking for a vintage yet modern Halloween costume, this gorgeous costume inspired by Joseph Quinn's on-screen costume is a great option. This outerwear is perfect for fans of Eddie Munson and will become your favorite outfit for any occasion.

This Joseph Quinn “Stranger Things” Season 04 Eddie Munson costume will give you a relaxed cool look with the ability to wear it not only for Halloween, but you can also to use every piece of this costume for a long time.

How Well Do You Know The Stranger Things Characters?

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