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Dustin Henderson, portrayed by Gaten Matarazzo, is a major protagonist in the first three seasons of Stranger Things. He is best friends with Mike WheelerLucas Sinclair , Eleven and Will Byers. He has a big and younger brother relationship with Steve Harrington and he is in a relationship with Suzie.

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Stranger Things Suzie Costume

Suzie is the girl friend of Dustin Henderson in Season 3 of Stranger Things. They are a very romantic couple. Dustin and Suzie met in Camp Know Where science camp.

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  • Dustin Casette Printed Shirt

Dustin Henderson Cosplay Costume

"No. No way. It's reserved for Suzie's ears and Suzie's ears alone"

—Dustin Henderson to Max

Dustin is an observer and a protector of the unity within the friend group. He frequently resolved the conflicts within the group by drawing their attention to what was going on around them. He had a neutral, level-headed approach to Eleven and the supernatural events unfolding around them; in some ways, he was a negotiator between the open-minded Mike and the skeptical Lucas.

Dustin is also the most scientifically inclined of the group (despite his love of fantasy) and may be the most intelligent of the quartet- notwithstanding his bad judgement in keeping Dart as a pet, although even this unexpectedly saved the group in the end.

Dustin Henderson Season 3 Outfit

How To Dress Like Dustin Henderson Season 3

Dress like Dustin Henderson from Stranger Things Season 3; Dustin Henderson costume consists of Camp Know Where T-Shirt, Dustin Henderson Wig, Camp Know Where hat, cargo shorts and white Reebok sneakers, to complete your Dustin Henderson Camp Know Where costume don't forget to get orange shoe laces.


  • Dustin did not grow in adult teeth until approximately age thirteen because he has cleidocranial dysplasia, a genetic disorder involving delayed bone growth.
  • During the first season, Dustin's Dungeons & Dragons character race was revealed to be a Dwarf. In the second season, his character class was revealed to be a Bard.
    • In the Worlds Turned Upside Down companion book, he is erroneously stated to be a Thief.
  • Dustin's home first appeared on-screen in season two.
  • In the original pilot script, Benny Hammond is at a couple of points referred to as "Benny Henderson", which could suggest that Benny and Dustin were originally planned to be part of the same family.
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