John Deacon Costume: Recreate the ‘I Want To Break Free’ Look

Welcome to the ultimate John Deacon Cosplay Guide, where we'll take you on a journey to recreate the iconic look of Queen's bassist, John Deacon, from the legendary 1984 music video "I Want To Break Free." In this guide, we'll walk you through every step of becoming the unforgettable Ena Sharples character that John Deacon portrayed in the video.

This video was a memorable moment in Queen's history, featuring the band members dressed as characters from the long-running UK soap opera, "Coronation Street." John Deacon's portrayal of Ena Sharples, complete with crossdressing and a touch of humor, left an indelible mark on pop culture.

How to Dress Like John Deacon in "I Want To Break Free"

John Deacon I want to Break Free Outfits

Recreating John Deacon's iconic look from the "I Want To Break Free" music video is an exciting and memorable cosplay opportunity. Follow these five steps to capture this legendary appearance:

Step 1: The Black Flapper Dress Start with a black flapper dress as the foundation of your costume. Look for a dress that features a loose, fringe-style skirt and a matching top. Ensure it fits comfortably and closely resembles the dress John Deacon wore in the video.

Step 2: Black Trench Coat Layer your black flapper dress with a classic black trench coat. This coat adds a touch of authenticity to the look and keeps you warm during Halloween festivities.

Step 3: Fur Scarf Drape a faux fur scarf elegantly around your neck. This accessory adds a touch of luxury to your ensemble and mirrors the style of John Deacon in the music video.

Step 4: Old Lady Wig For that signature look, you'll need an old lady wig. Choose a wig with a short, gray hairstyle to emulate the distinctive appearance featured in the video.

Step 5: Winter Fedora Hat and Accessories Complete your look with a winter fedora hat, pearl stud earrings, a floral collar brooch, black calf sleeves, satin long gloves, and bootie slippers. These accessories will help you capture the essence of John Deacon's character in the iconic video.

I Want To Break Free John Deacon Cosplay

Now that you've dressed the part, it's time to embody the character of John Deacon from the "I Want To Break Free" music video at the Halloween party. Follow these five steps to bring this legendary character to life:

Step 1: Embrace the Iconic Persona Embrace the iconic persona portrayed by John Deacon in the music video. This character exudes confidence, uniqueness, and charisma. Walk and interact with others in a way that captures these qualities.

Step 2: Channel Confidence Channel John Deacon's confidence as you move through the party. Walk with a sense of purpose and self-assuredness, just like he did in the video.

Step 3: Inject Humor and Playfulness The "I Want To Break Free" video is known for its playful humor. Inject humor and playfulness into your interactions, engage in witty banter, and bring a smile to the faces of fellow partygoers.

Step 4: Stay True to the Character Throughout the party, stay true to the character. Respond to compliments and questions in a manner consistent with the character's demeanor and speech patterns.

Step 5: Enjoy the Spotlight As John Deacon from the "I Want To Break Free" video, you'll likely be the center of attention. Embrace the spotlight, interact with other Queen fans, and relish in celebrating this iconic moment in music history.

About John Deacon's Iconic Look

John Deacon is the bassist of the British rock band Queen, who wrote the song “I Want to Break Free” in 1983. He is also the one who came up with the idea of dressing up as women for the music video, which parodied a popular British soap opera called Coronation Street1

In the video, John Deacon plays the role of Ena Sharples, a grumpy and gossiping old lady who wears a hairnet and glasses. He is seen sitting on a couch with Brian May, who plays Hilda Ogden, another elderly woman who is known for her curlers and flying ducks on the wall. They are watching TV and drinking tea, while Freddie Mercury, who plays Bet Lynch, a glamorous barmaid, vacuums the floor. Roger Taylor, who plays Suzie Birchall, a young and rebellious schoolgirl, comes down the stairs and joins them on the couch

The video was directed by David Mallet and filmed at Limehouse Studios in London. It was released in April 1984 and became a huge hit in Europe and South America, where it was seen as a humorous and daring statement against oppression and conformity. However, it was banned by MTV in the United States, where it was misunderstood as promoting homosexuality and cross-dressing

John Deacon was often considered the quiet and reserved member of Queen, but he also had a creative and playful side that showed in his songwriting and his participation in the video. He later said that he enjoyed making the video and that he thought it was funny. He also said that he was not embarrassed by it and that he did not care what people thought of him



Additional Tips for Your John Deacon Cosplay

To ensure your John Deacon cosplay is a spot-on tribute to the "I Want To Break Free" music video, consider these additional tips:

  1. Practice John Deacon's Dance Moves: Spend some time practicing the dance moves featured in the music video. This will not only add authenticity to your cosplay but also make you the life of the party.
  2. Perfect the Makeup: While John Deacon's makeup in the video is minimal, pay attention to details. Ensure a clean-shaven look, apply subtle eyeshadow, and don't forget to mimic his facial expressions from the video.
  3. Nail the Body Language: Study John Deacon's body language in the video. His movements and gestures, even while wearing the iconic outfit, play a crucial role in capturing the character's essence.
  4. Pay Attention to Props: If possible, include props from the music video, such as a vacuum cleaner or household items, to recreate iconic moments. These props will add an extra layer of authenticity to your cosplay.
  5. Confidence Is Key: Just like in the video, exude confidence and charisma. Own your John Deacon persona, and don't be afraid to engage with fellow partygoers in character.

Creative Group Costume Ideas Alongside John Deacon

If you're planning to make your Halloween celebration even more special by coordinating group costumes, here are some creative ideas to complement your John Deacon "I Want To Break Free" cosplay:

  1. Queen Tribute Band: Gather friends to portray other Queen band members, such as Freddie Mercury, Brian May, and Roger Taylor, for the ultimate Queen tribute band ensemble.
  2. Music Video Characters: Invite friends to dress as characters from other iconic music videos, like Michael Jackson's "Thriller," and create a music video-themed group.
  3. British Music Legends: Pay homage to British music legends by having your group portray artists like David Bowie, The Beatles, and Elton John.
  4. Classic Movie Characters: Choose classic movie characters from films like "Grease," "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," or "Back to the Future" to create a cinematic group.
  5. Rock and Roll Icons: Expand your group with costumes inspired by famous rock and roll icons such as Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, and Mick Jagger.

Coordinating group costumes allows you and your friends to make a grand entrance and stand out at any Halloween party while celebrating your shared love for music, pop culture, and iconic figures.

John Deacon Costume FAQs

Q1: What kind of wig should I use for the old lady hairstyle?

A1: Look for a short, gray wig to mimic John Deacon's old lady hairstyle in the video. Many costume stores offer wigs that fit this description.

Q2: Can I use a real trench coat for the costume, or should I look for a costume version?

A2: You can use either a real trench coat or a costume version, depending on your preference and budget. A costume version may be more budget-friendly and easier to find.

Q3: Are there specific dance moves from the music video I should practice?

A3: While not mandatory, practicing the dance moves from the music video can add authenticity to your cosplay. You can find video tutorials online to help you learn the iconic dance.

Q4: Should I wear makeup for this cosplay, and if so, what kind?

A4: Light makeup, such as foundation and subtle eyeshadow, can enhance your John Deacon cosplay. Focus on achieving a clean-shaven look and maintaining a natural appearance.

Q5: Can I use household props like a vacuum cleaner for added authenticity?

A5: Yes, using household props like a vacuum cleaner or other items featured in the music video can enhance your cosplay and create memorable moments at the Halloween party.

Q6: Is this cosplay suitable for all genders and ages?

A6: Absolutely! The John Deacon "I Want To Break Free" cosplay is inclusive and suitable for all genders and ages. It's a fun and lighthearted costume idea for anyone who appreciates Queen's music and creativity.

Q7: How can I bring out the humor and playfulness of the character?

A7: To bring out the humor and playfulness of the character, focus on your body language, expressions, and interactions with others at the party. Emulate John Deacon's quirky charm and enjoy the role.

Q8: Where can I find a group of Queen enthusiasts to join for a themed Halloween celebration?

A8: You can connect with fellow Queen enthusiasts and find themed Halloween celebrations through social media groups, fan clubs, or local event listings. Look for Queen or music-themed events to participate in the fun.


Congratulations! You've completed the John Deacon "I Want To Break Free" Cosplay Guide, and you're now ready to rock the Halloween party with an unforgettable and iconic costume. Whether you're a die-hard Queen fan or simply looking for a unique and humorous cosplay idea, embodying John Deacon's character from this legendary music video is sure to be a hit.

By following the steps in this guide, including choosing the right costume pieces, embracing the character's humor and confidence, and paying attention to details, you'll capture the spirit of John Deacon's unforgettable portrayal. Don't forget to have fun, dance like nobody's watching, and create lasting memories with your friends and fellow Queen enthusiasts.

Wishing you a Halloween filled with music, laughter, and a touch of rock 'n' roll as you pay homage to John Deacon's iconic "I Want To Break Free" character. Enjoy the festivities and remember: "I Want To Break Free!"

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