Cherri Bomb Costume

Diy Hazbin Hotel Cherri Bomb Costume Guide

Diy Hazbin Hotel Cherri Bomb Costume Guide

Diy Hazbin Hotel Cherri Bomb Cosplay Items

Hazbin Hotel Cherri Bomb Halloween Costume

Dress like Cherri Bomb from Hazbin Hotel; Cherri Bomb costume consists of torn yoga pants and red mini skirt that should be worn on pants, off shoulder red crop top t-shirt and black bra under it, you wig choice should be blond and pink and long, to complete your Cherri Bomb costume don't forget to get 2 different colored arm warmers and red go go boots.

Hazbin Hotel Cherri Bomb Cosplay Costume

Hazbin Hotel Cherri Bomb Cosplay Costume

Cherri Bomb is a radical anarchist and a main character at the Hazbin Hotel. She is Angel Dust's best friend, crime tutor, and crime partner

Hazbin Hotel Cherri Bomb Outfits

Cherri is a one-eyed demon. She has blonde hair with pink and white accents, a ponytail and a large amount of mascara. Her eye has a bloodshot pink sclera and a pale yellow X-shaped pupil.

Her skin is mostly white with pink freckles on her face and right shoulder. She also has a tattoo on her right arm that changes depending on the artist's interpretation.

Cherri wears a gray, fingerless satin glove on the left arm and seems to have a tattoo sleeve on the right arm. She also wears a red off-the-shoulder top, a black bra, a reddish, ripped mini skirt with two buttons in the front and black, torn leggings underneath.

She appears to be wearing a red and white boot on her left foot while wearing a white and red sock on the right, suggesting that she has lost her other boot.

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