Katie Killjoy Costume

Diy Hazbin Hotel Katie Killjoy Costume Guide

Hazbin Hotel Katie Killjoy Halloween Costume

Hazbin Hotel Katie Killjoy Halloween Costume

Dress like Katie Killjoy from Hazbin Hotel; Katie Killjoy costume consists of red business dress, short blond wig and pearl necklace with pearl earring, to complete your Katie Killjoy cosplay look on't forget to get white face paint and red lipstick.

Katie Killjoy Cosplay Costume

Katie Killjoy is the chief anchor of 666 News, the leading news channel in Hell. She is a background figure in the Hazbin Hotel.

Katie Killjoy is a tall, slender demon. She has short blond hair, pure white skin and pink eyes with small yellow pupils. Her most striking design features are the long neck, red lips, large, firm breasts and wide shoulders. A photo of the pilot shows that she has a thin waist and wide hips.

In her full demon form, she reveals an additional pair of eyes that glows bright red next to her original pair of eyes. She also summons two additional arms that resemble the front legs of a praying mantis just below her usual pair of arms.

Katie Killjoy Outfits

Katie is extremely arrogant and mainly takes care of her own image, the hottest stories and the latest gossip.

Killjoy also appears to be homophobic when she says to Charlie "I don't touch the gays" after trying to shake her hand.

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