Severus Snape Costume

Severus Snape Costume

Dress Like Severus Snape From Harry Potter

Severus Snape Cosplay

Dress like Severus Snape from Harry Potter;

Severus Snape Costume: Severus is almost always seen in a black cape, a black coat, and black pants.

Severus Snape Hair: Severus has shoulder-length straight black hair.

Severus Snape Accessories: To complete your Severus Snape Halloween costume don't forget the "Advanced Potion Making" book and the wand of Severus.




Severus Snape Cosplay

Severus Snape Halloween

Severus Snape was a thin, fair-skinned man with a large hooked nose and yellow, uneven teeth. He usually wore flowing black robes that made him resemble "an overgrown bat." He had shoulder-length, greasy black hair that framed his face with curtains, puckered lips, and dark, penetrating eyes that resembled tunnels. As a Death Eater, he wore the dark mark on his left inner forearm.

The younger Snape was "stringy, pale in appearance", "round-shouldered yet angular" and had a "twitching gait reminiscent of a spider" and "long, oily hair that leaped over his face".

Snape had a strong, authoritative presence. He spoke in a low, reserved voice most of the time, except occasionally when he lost his temper.

Severus Snape Halloween Costume

Severus Snape was an English wizard who worked as a Potions Master, Head of the Slytherin House, Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and a member of the Order of the Phoenix and a Death Eater. His double life played an extremely important role in both wizarding wars against Voldemort. Severus, the only child of Muggle Tobias Snape and Gobstones with Eileen Snape, grew up in the Muggle apartment on Spinner's End, which was in close proximity to the Evans family home, albeit in a poorer area. He met Lily and Petunia Evans when he was nine years old and fell deeply in love with Lily and became a close friend of hers.

Severus started out with Lily at Hogwarts in 1971, where he was taken to Slytherin House. This landed him in rival homes in the same year as Lily, but unfortunately for him. Severus became the immediate enemy of James Potter and Sirius Black and was a frequent victim of their bullying. This made him irritable towards James' son Harry when he was a professor. When Snape was young he developed a passion for the Dark Arts that grew as his desire for revenge grew stronger. Snape became involved in the bullies at Slytherin House, many of whom were pure-blood supremacists. This put his friendship with Lily, a Muggleborn, under great strain until it was finally broken in her fifth year. To regain Lily's affection, Snape joined the Death Eaters along with a group of his Slytherins.

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