Professor McGonagall Costume

Professor McGonagall Costume

Dress Like Professor McGonagall From Harry Potter

Professor Minerva McGonagall

Dress like Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter;

Professor McGonagall Costume: Minerva's costume is a pure black wizard costume with an olive green knit-looking robe. She also wears a witch hat which is also black.

Professor McGonagall Accessories: To complete your Professor McGonagall Halloween costume don't forget oval eyeglasses, Minerva's necklace, brooch, and a replica of her wand.

Professor McGonagall Halloween Costume

Professor McGonagall Cosplay

Minerva McGonagall was a tall, rather stone-looking and "lively" woman of seventy. She had black hair that was rarely given up, and most of the time it was combed back in a tight bun. In her youth, Minerva was described as not as beautiful as her mother, but she was still quite pretty in her image at that age.

Minerva always had a very primitive expression. She was also known to thin her mouth when angry. Harry Potter made analogies to McGonagall and looked like she was going to explode, breathing fire and sparks from her nose, based on how transparent her anger might appear. When Minerva was happy or relaxed, she seemed like a completely different person. She was able to blend in with the Muggle crowds, though Harry noticed the looks didn't suit her.

Professor McGonagall Cosplay

Minerva often wore emerald green robes or her favorite tartan pattern. She wore square glasses that matched the markings around the eyes of her Animagus and Patronus: a silver tabby cat. She also wore a pointy hat that was stretched to one side. Because Minerva was a fan of tartan print and often wore it to Quidditch games with a wool hat that covered her ears.

Minerva almost always exuded generosity and austerity, and was greatly respected by almost all students and staff. She was used to having her will, did not tolerate boldness or silliness from her students, and was known to catch colds from people who said or did things in front of them, who were stupid, or when they thought they wanted to be funny. She was a woman who seldom smiled or freely complimented. Despite her strict demeanor, Minerva displayed a dry sense of humor that was usually expressed during difficult times. She wasn't afraid to speak her mind and showed quite a sharp tongue, especially during arguments.

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