Black Noir Costume

Black Noir Costume

Dress Like Black Noir From The Boys

Dress Like Black Noir From The Boys

Dress Like Black Noir From The Boys;

Black Noir Suit: Black Noir wears full black body armor and tactical pants.

Black Noir Mask: His mask his shiny black with black googles.

Black Noir Boots: He wears black tactical boots.

Black Noir Gloves: To complete your Black Noir cosplay look don't forget to get black tactical gloves.

The Boys Black Noir Cosplay

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Black Noir is one of the protagonists of The Boys of Amazon. He is a dark-clad superhero and member of The Seven.

He is silent and enigmatic. Black Noir is the super powerful ninja of seven. His superpower and heightened senses are only matched by his abilities in the martial arts.

The Boys Black Noir Halloween Costume

Black Noir is a feared member of the Seven, often used for its deadly combat skills and exceptional strength. Black Noir is one of the few people who have met and lived Kimiko. In Good for the Soul, he was able to defeat The Female, perhaps only because of her weakened condition. Plus, he can fill the hearts of the public with fear and panic after Frenchie and Cherie notice him outside their apartment.

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