Starlight Costume

The Boys Starlight Costume

Dress Like Starlight From The Boys

Dress Like Starlight From The Boys

Dress Like Starlight From The Boys;

The Boys Starlight Costume: Starlight wears two similar costumes. Her regular costume consists of white mini dress with gold details and a matching cloak. Her "sexy" costume which she wears relunctantly looks like a monokini with same colours of her regular costume.

The Boys Starlight Wig: Starlight has long blonde hair.

The Boys Starlight Boots: Starlight wears knee high gold boots.

The Boys Starlight Accessories: To complete your Starlight cosplay costume don't forget to get white headband, hoop earrings and gold chainn necklace.

The Boys Starlight Cosplay

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Starlight (Annie January) is one of the protagonists in Amazon's  The Boys. She is a member of the superhero team The Seven.

Annie January is as down to earth and real as they come; the girl next door with super powers. And as Starlight, "The Defender of Des Moines," she just wanted to save the world - and while a lot of people say she actually means it as a stupid catchphrase. When she chooses the seven, every dream she has ever come true will come true.

The Boys Starlight Halloween Costume

Annie is a romantic and one of the few "Supers" who really care about helping others and doing what she thinks is right. She cares little that the commercials are uncomfortable with the attention she gets from the media and pressured to change her costume to be an oversexualized role model for young girls. Even in her early days as a member of the Seven, she felt like a cheat, as she hadn't yet accomplished any heroic deeds worth mentioning.

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