Dress Like Dee Dee Twins

Dee Dee Twins Costume Guide

Dee Dee Twins Costume
Dee Dee Twins Costume Guide
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Dee Dee Twins Costume

The twin sisters Delia and Deidre Dennis were the grandchildren of Harleen Quinn. They joined the Jokerz under the pseudonym "Dee Dee" and later followed in the footsteps of her grandmother as a "stooge" of the original Joker. Many fans speculate that they could actually be the grandchildren of the clown Prince of Crime.

Dee Dee Twins Halloween Outfits

Dee Dee Twins Halloween Costume

Dee Dee Twins Halloween Costume

The Dee Dee Twins are very identical in appearance and outfit. Both have gray eyes and long blond hair that they hide under yarn-like wigs. Her clothes are white hats, red strapless tops, white booty shorts, red go-go boots and harlequin make-up.

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