Ryu Costume

Ryu Costume

You need the following items for your Ryu Halloween costume:

  1. Muscle Top
  2. Karate Jacket
  3. Karate Pants
  4. Black Belt for Martial Arts
  5. Red Headband
  6. Red Hand Wrap Gloves
  7. Ryu Costume (Get this if you don't want to DIY)

How To Dress Like Ryu From Street Fighter

Ryu Halloween Costume

Dress like Ryu from Street Fighter;

Ryu's Costume: Ryu's most famous clothing consists of a white karate jacket with ripped sleeves, white karate pants, a long red headband, a black martial arts belt, and bare feet

Ryu Halloween Costume

Ryu Cosplay

Ryu is one of the most important and well-known characters in the Street Fighter franchise, who first appears in the original Street Fighter. He is a seasoned martial artist who is very focused on his training and aims to become the strongest he can be.

Ryu is a calm, meek, humble, submissive, self-deprecating, and respectful person; which is often contrasted with the carefree, fiery personality of his childhood friend Ken. Crossing the world wants a complete mastery of his martial arts, he takes both his travels and his training seriously. For Ryu, the training and mastery that comes from fighting is all he needs to offer food or chat with his rival friends. Although he does not actively seek the role of hero, he also has a strong sense of justice; Protecting the innocent from the raids of tyrants and tyrants is one of the few things Ryu will choose over a satisfying fight.

Ryu Cosplay

Ryu's most famous clothing consists of a white karate jacket with torn sleeves, white karate pants, medium-length hair, a long red headband, a black martial arts belt, and bare feet. In many of his appearances, Ryu carries a large, white travel bag with important things such as clothing, plane tickets, passports, and national currency.

In the first Street Fighter, Ryu wore a white headband and red shoes. Over time, he has grown bigger and more muscular; his karate gi has become more ragged, his gloves have changed from brown to red and his headband has changed from white to red. Especially his hair color has darkened over time. His original Street Fighter appearance gave him red hair, brown in Street Fighter Alpha, dark brown in Street Fighter II, and black in Street Fighter III, Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V. In the Street Fighter III series, Ryu's black hair has a blue tint , The red headband that Ryu wears was originally worn by Ken. Ryu gave Sakura his white headband before getting his red headband. Since Street Fighter IV, Ryu's red gloves have had a stylized font that resembles the FÅ«rinkazan figures on his belt.

In some official Street Fighter II artwork, Ryu's belt has four kanji on the right end: wind, forest, fire, and mountain; These four Kanji form the FÅ«rinkazan. The same four Kanji can be seen on a sign on the left side of Ryu's stage in Street Fighter II and can also be seen on his belt in Street Fighter IV. The four words are based on Chapter Seven of Sun Tsu's Art of War, which prescribes how to fight: "As fast as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as daring as the fire and as immovable as the mountain."

In Street Fighter II V, Ryu wears occasional outfits throughout the episodes. His main appearance is a white short-sleeved shirt, blue jeans and red and white sneakers. He also has a black watch on his left wrist. Ryu is not wearing a red headband. When he wears his white karate gi, he only wears a brown prayer bead bracelet on his left wrist. He is also more tanned than in games.

His second alternative costume in Street Fighter V consists only of his white karate pants with a black belt at the waist and ragged pant edges, gray shoulder straps on both sides and hand wraps on the hands. He also has a black beard on his face.

During Honda's character story, Ryu's black hair was pressed down by the warm water as he meditated in his bathhouse. When he struggled with Honda in his bathhouse before giving him the right manners after bathing, Ryu wears a white fundoshi without the rear apron and a white headband with the red "V" in the middle instead of his red headband. This is also the first time he has seen more of Ryu's bare skin in his exposed appearance, as his exposed outfit is the same revealing underwear that Cyberbots is currently wearing: full metal madness character, Jin Saotome under his main outfit in Marvel vs , Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, in which he burns his clothes to show this outfit during one of his special attacks or his own mockery, while drying himself with a white towel.

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