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How To Dress Like Akuma From Street Fighter

Street Fighter Akuma Cosplay Costume


Akuma is a video game character and a recurring antagonist of the Street Fighter series, who appears for the first time in Super Street Fighter II Turbo as a hidden boss. He is an emotionless and powerful warrior who is obsessed with mastering the Satsui no Hado.

Akuma Halloween Costume


Dress like Akuma; Street Fighter Akuma costume consists of Akuma prayer bead necklace, akuma wig, akuma adult costume and straw sandals, to complete your Akuma look don't forget to get red pupil colored contact lenses.

Street Fighter Akuma Costume

Akuma usually wears a dark gi with sleeves off (similar to Ken and Ryu); It is often blue, black or gray, but varies depending on the series or graphic. He has red hair, sharp, pointed teeth and is often barefoot, although he wears brown sandals in some games. Depending on the game or artwork, he wears either a black belt at the waist or a piece of rope. He either wears brown training gauntlets over his hands or else wraps his hands with a rope (again depending on the source). He has tanned skin and purple eyes and wears the beads of his late master Goutetsu around his neck, with a visible black "sky" (天, ten) kanji on the middle pearl in some video games. In Street Fighter Alpha: Generations he had eyebrows at a young age.

This kanji is often seen in Akuma's performances, most often at the end of a Raging Demon attack that burns on the back of Akuma's gi-top. It takes on a slightly different shape than the original Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV; The upper stroke of the kanji is narrower in the Super Street Fighter IV than in the original and may have assumed this shape due to Akuma's second alternative costume with exactly the same new form on his back.

In his graphic for his Street Fighter V-profile, Akuma's hair is completely white and full-grown. He wears a dark yellow loincloth with a white sash on each side, shirtless, and maintaining his gray karate pants. This is a contrast to the outfit of his older brother Gouken.

In his appearance in Street Fighter V his hair has grown a lot and resembles a lion's mane, although he retains his usual clothes. He also tied the hair on his head to a braid. He also wears his prayer beads like a sash. That of Shin Akuma in Capcom vs.. SNK 2 used 神 人 "shin" kanji can be seen on his back while performing Shun Goku Satsu.

His first alternative costume is similar to Ryu's alternative costume in Super Street Fighter IV; where his tattered karate-gi hangs loosely at his waist and his karate pants are also tattered. His second alternative costume is his Outfit in Street Fighter V and his third and last outfit is his classic appearance in the Street Fighter games.

His hair is slightly gray in the Street Fighter III series, suggesting that Akuma, though seemingly inhumane, is still physically aging.

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