Sakura Costume

Sakura Costume

You need the following items for your Sakura from Street Fighter Halloween costume:

  1. Japanese Sailor School Uniform
  2. Yellow Sheer Chiffon Scarf
  3. White Sports Headband
  4. Red Turtleneck Sleeveless Crop Top
  5. Natural Short Wig
  6. MMA Pro Fight Gloves
  7. High Top Sneakers

Update: Sakura Kasugano Cosplay Costume (get this if you don't want to DIY)



How To Dress Like Sakura From Street Fighter

Sakura Cosplay

Dress like Sakura Kasugano From Street Fighter;

Sakura's Outfit: Sakura usually fights in her school uniform - a short-skirted sailor's uniform with a split collar and red bloomers underneath.

Sakura's Hair: Sakura has short brown hair. you can use a wig if your hair is not short.

Sakura's Accessories: To complete your Sakura Halloween costume don't forget red high-top sneakers, a white headband, and a yellow scarf.

Street Fighter Sakura Halloween Costume

Sakura Halloween Costume

Sakura Kasugano is a character from the Street Fighter series, she can be seen for the first time in Street Fighter Alpha 2. She is a Japanese girl who has worked intensively with Ryu, copied and learned many of his techniques, and follows him around the world to prove herself.

Sakura is a tomboy, outgoing, and respectful in her personality as most of the time she is happy, energetic, happy, positive, hardworking, and focused in battle. Despite the initial representations and illustrations, which seem intrusive and confrontational, she actually has a noble spirit and a very determined demeanor, be it in her studies or in martial arts training. She sees Ryu more as an idol and teacher than as an opponent, as she always watches him fight and is reflected in his fighting philosophy.


Sakura Cosplay

Sakura usually fights in her school uniform - a sailor's uniform with a short skirt under which the collar is popped and red flowers. She also wears red Converse Esque shoes, a red top with medallions under her uniform, red sparring gloves, a yellow headscarf, and a white headband Ryu had given her before the events of Street Fighter Alpha 2, brown hair, and brown eyes Fuku blue with a white lining on each side and white socks. In Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken, their socks are shorter and the color is navy blue. In Street Fighter V, her school uniform becomes her "nostalgia" costume.

At the end of Super Street Fighter IV, her hair is slightly longer, she is wearing a red, high-necked sports jacket with a single line in the middle, a white undershirt with short sleeves, black shorts, white socks, and white sneakers with matching patterns. She also takes care of her white headband.

In Street Fighter V, Sakura wears a different outfit, which consists of a dark blue vest with a pink trim, a white shirt with long sleeves underneath, a pleated skirt with ruffles on the edge, black medium-length socks, and black short boots. Her bolero tie is long and the color is pink and white and is tied to her top. As with Ryu, her headband is red, along with matching gloves with stylized lettering on the white lines. She also has a head mic on the left side of her ear.

The new outfit that Sakura wears is her college uniform, in which she studies at university and during her part-time job in her character history.

Her first alternative costume is a blue arcade uniform. a blue shirt with short sleeves and collar, yellow trim and collar, a matching ID on the neck, a dark blue and black checkered skirt, yellow tights, black socks with red lining, and blue sneakers with yellow toe caps. She is wearing a matching blue hat instead of her headband. She also has a Blanka Chan doll on her waist. Her second costume is an outfit that resembles Ryus. It is a white karate gi with sleeveless sleeves, a black karate belt, and matching karate pants. Under her gi is the red top of her school uniform and she is wearing red foot guards.

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