Alastor Costume

Hazbin Hotel Alastor Costume

How To Dress Like Alastor From Hazbin Hotel

Hazbin Hotel Alastor Cosplay
Hazbin Hotel Alastor Cosplay

Dress Like Alastor From Hazbin Hotel; Alastor costume consists of claret red jacket, red tuedo shirt, claret red pant, claret red gloves, necklace magnifier and yellow ghoulish teeth, to complete your Hazbin Hotel Alastor costume don't forget to get red colored contact lenses, horse whip and a suitable Alastor wig.

Hazbin Hotel Alastor Halloween Costume

Hazbin Hotel Alastor Halloween Costume

Alastor is the notorious entity known as "The Radio Demon", one of the powerful Overlords of Hell. He plays an important role in the Hazbin Hotel and offered to help Charlie with her efforts, but for his own pleasure.

Hazbin Hotel Alastor Cosplay

Alastor is very big and thin. He has gray skin, sharp yellow teeth, short tufts of red and brown hair reminiscent of deer ears, and two small black antlers that can grow in his demonic form.

For his eyes he has red sclera, bright red iris, black pupils (which can turn into radio dials in his demon form) and wears a black, oval monocle over his right eye.

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