Dress Like Jack Skellington

Are you a fan of the "Nightmare Before Christmas"? Do you want to dress up as Jack Skellington for Halloween or a cosplay event? Then look no further! In this Jack Skellington Halloween costume guide, we'll show you how to create the perfect Jack Skellington costume.

Jack Skellington Costume


You will need the following items for your Jack Skellington Halloween costume:

  1. Mandarin Collar Dress Shirts
  2. Pinstripe Dress Suit
  3. Jack Skellington Adult Costume Kit
  4. Black Oxford Shoes
  5. Jack Skellington Full Costume
  6. Women's Jack Skellington Costume

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Oogie Boogie

How To Dress Like Jack Skellington From The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington Christmas Costume

First, let's start with the basics. You'll need a black suit and a white dress shirt. The suit should be a slim-fit style and the dress shirt should have a wingtip collar. You can find these items at any costume or thrift store. Make sure the suit fits you properly, as Jack Skellington is a tall and skinny character.

Next, you'll need to create the iconic pinstripes that Jack Skellington is known for. You can achieve this by using a white fabric paint or a white paint pen to draw the pinstripes onto the black suit. Alternatively, you can buy a pre-made pinstripe suit.

For the bowtie, you can either use a plain black bowtie or create your own by using white fabric paint or a paint pen to draw the pinstripes onto a black bowtie. You can also find a pre-made Jack Skellington bowtie online or at a costume store.

Now, let's move on to the accessories. Jack Skellington wears black and white shoes with a curled toe. You can find these shoes at a costume or thrift store, or you can use black dress shoes and add a white fabric paint or paint pen to create the curled toe.

For the makeup, you'll need white and black face paint, black eyeliner, and black lipstick. Use the white face paint to cover your entire face and neck, and then use the black face paint to create the hollow eyes, nose, and mouth of Jack Skellington. Use the black eyeliner to outline the eyes and nose, and then fill in the eyes with black. Finally, use the black lipstick to create a thin, straight line for the mouth.

And there you have it! Your very own Jack Skellington Halloween costume. Remember, you can also add accessories such as a Santa Claus hat, a pumpkin king scepter, or a Sally rag doll to complete the look.

Jack Skellington Cosplay

Dress Like Jack Skellington 1

If you're dressing up as Jack Skellington this Halloween, you'll want to embrace the character and act like him at the party. Here are some tips on how to act like Jack Skellington:

  1. Be confident: Jack Skellington is a confident and charismatic character. Walk with purpose and don't be afraid to speak up and be heard.
  2. Be curious: Jack Skellington is known for his curiosity and desire to explore new things. Ask questions and show interest in what others have to say.
  3. Be playful: Jack Skellington is a playful and mischievous character. Have fun and don't take yourself too seriously.
  4. Be polite: Despite his mischievous nature, Jack Skellington is a polite and well-mannered character. Be respectful and courteous to others at the party.
  5. Use Jack Skellington's catchphrases: Jack Skellington is known for his iconic catchphrases such as "What's this?" and "This is Halloween." Use these phrases throughout the night to stay in character.
  6. Have a dance-off: In the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas," Jack Skellington is known for his energetic and lively dances. Show off your moves and have a dance-off with other partygoers.

Remember, the key to acting like Jack Skellington is to have fun and embrace the character. Enjoy your Halloween party and spread the spooky spirit of the holiday!

Jack Skellington Halloween Costume

In conclusion, creating a Jack Skellington costume or cosplay is easy and fun. You can either make your own costume or purchase pre-made items at a costume store. Just remember to have fun and embrace the spooky spirit of Halloween!

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