Oogie Boogie Costume

Oogie Boogie Costume

Dress Like Oogie Boogie From The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Oogie Boogie Christmas Costume

Dress like Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas;

Oogie Boogie Costume: The outfit of Oogie is very simple. He wears a brown-gray or neon green linen sack from head to toe, on the sides you can see clear seams. You can use a sack, a linen dress, or simply get an Oogie costume.

Oogie Boogie Halloween Costume

Oogie Boogie Halloween Costume

The appearance of Oogie is quite simple. He is covered from head to toe with a brown-gray or neon green linen sack, with clear seams on the sides. Oogie is rather plump, with stocky legs and fingerless arms, a stark contrast to Jack Skellington's lean, tall build. The "eyes" on Oogie's face are faceless black holes, as is the inside of his mouth. The tip of his head extends outward and falls down, vaguely resembling Jack's Santa hat. On the inside of the sack is a huge collection of different colored beetles. In the film, Oogie also produces a snake as a "tongue" out of his mouth in order to intimidate Santa Claus, to compensate him for sniffing at him.

Oogie Boogie Cosplay Costume


Oogie Boogie is an evil, voracious, power-thirsty creature who resembles a large burlap sack in the shape of a starfish. There are thousands of mistakes in it. His life revolves around gambling and loves to gamble with the lives of others. Ironically, however, Oogie has no gambling skills; On one occasion, he rolls snake eyes, admitting he must resort to deception - he hits the table with his fist to shake the dice, resulting in eleven. Gambling is actually only theatrical because Oogie actually enjoys staging situations with his victims in order to strengthen himself.

He's a bit lustful too, which shows when he's slightly distracted by Sally's bare leg.

Oogie Boogie's most dominant emotion in his personality is obviously fear. Whether it is about scaring others or being scared yourself, Oogie is always scared. Despite its threatening appearance, Oogie can mostly be viewed as a wimp. He also seems to fear Jack Skellington, as evidenced by their last confrontation at a face-to-face meeting. This fear can also be traced back to the outcome of their first meeting, portrayed in the Gameboy Advance game "The Pumpkin King", when Jack Skellington eliminated his Beetle minions after trying to turn Halloween Town into New Bug Day.

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