Pigeon Lady Costume

Home Alone Pigeon Lady Costume

How To Dress Like Pigeon Lady From Home Alone

Pigeon Lady Christmas Costume

Dress like Pigeon Lady from Home Alone:

Pigeon Lady Costume: Pigeon Lady is a homeless woman that resides in NYC. As a homeless woman, her outfit looks old and sloppy. The best way to cosplay her is to use your old clothes to give the right look. If you prefer new clothes you may want to wear your newly acquired clothes a bit beforehand.

Pigeon Lady Christmas Costume

Pigeon Lady Outfit

When they met a second time, Kevin tried to run away from her, but his foot was trapped. She freed him and Kevin ran, but stopped and apologized for being scared of her. After giving him some birdseed and throwing it in the air to attract the pigeons, they went to a concert in a loft above Carnegie Hall and heard a performance of "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful."  At that moment she told Kevin that she heard the great music of the world from the attic: Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Frank Sinatra, and Luciano Pavarotti. When Kevin took her to the attic, she told him she didn't have many friends.

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