Dress Like Pigeon Lady

Are you a fan of the classic holiday film Home Alone 2: Lost in New York? Do you want to step up your Halloween costume game this year? Look no further than the iconic Pigeon Lady, played by actress Brenda Fricker. With a little creativity and some key costume pieces, you can transform into this memorable character for your next costume party or trick-or-treating adventure.

Home Alone Pigeon Lady Costume


You will need the following items for your Home Alone Pigeon Lady Christmas costume:

  1. Wool Jacket for Women
  2. Brown Fleece Jacket
  3. Bohemian Maxi Dress
  4. Brown Curly Wig
  5. Fedora Hat for Women
  6. Grey Messenger Bag
  7. Beige Knit Gloves
  8. Artificial Pigeon
  9. Steel Pail with Handle

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How To Dress Like Pigeon Lady From Home Alone

Pigeon Lady Christmas Costume

To create a pigeon lady costume inspired by Home Alone 2, you will need several key pieces. Start with a Wool Jacket in Burgundy, similar to the one worn by Fricker's character in the film. Layer a Brown Fleece Jacket underneath for added warmth and texture. For the dress, choose a Bohemian Maxi Dress in a neutral or earthy tone, which will complement the rich burgundy and brown hues of the jackets.

The next step is to focus on the hair and accessories. The Pigeon Lady's signature curly locks can be achieved with a Brown Curly Wig, which you can easily find at a costume or beauty supply store. Top off the look with a Fedora Hat, which will add a touch of mystery and sophistication to your costume. A Grey Messenger Bag and Beige Knit Gloves will complete the ensemble, and allow you to carry your Halloween treats with ease.

To really sell the look, don't forget the props! A Toy Pigeon is a must-have for any pigeon lady cosplay. You can hold it in your hand or even attach it to your jacket or hat for added effect. For an extra touch of authenticity, carry a Steel Pail with Handle, similar to the one used by the Pigeon Lady in the film.

With these key costume pieces and accessories, you can easily create a Pigeon Lady Home Alone costume that will turn heads and spark conversations at any Halloween event. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the Home Alone franchise or just looking for a unique and memorable costume idea, this is a fun and creative option that's sure to impress. So get ready to spread your wings and embrace your inner pigeon lady this Halloween!

Pigeon Lady Christmas Costume

Pigeon Lady Outfit

As Pigeon Lady, you can fully embrace the character and bring her to life at the party! Here are some tips on how to act like Pigeon Lady:

  1. Be mysterious: Pigeon Lady is a mysterious and enigmatic character, so try to embody that by being quiet and reserved. You can observe the partygoers from a distance and only speak when spoken to.
  2. Act kind to animals: Pigeon Lady has a soft spot for animals, especially pigeons, so show your love for them at the party. You can bring along some birdseed and offer it to any pigeons you may come across.
  3. Keep to yourself: Pigeon Lady is a bit of a loner, so you can stay in character by keeping to yourself and not seeking out attention. If someone approaches you, you can respond in a quiet and measured tone, but don't feel obligated to engage in conversation if you don't want to.
  4. Be a bit quirky: Pigeon Lady has her own unique style and mannerisms, so don't be afraid to embrace that. You can fidget with your messenger bag or play with your toy pigeon to add some personality to your character.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the party! Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your inner Pigeon Lady.

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