Luna Lovegood Costume

Luna Lovegood Costume

Dress Like Luna Lovegood From Harry Potter

Luna Lovegood Cosplay

Dress like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter;

Luna Lovegood Outfits:  Luna is a colourful young lady. She loves showing her colorful spirit in her wardrobe. For Luna Lovegood costume you need a multicolor flared skirt, a pink jacket, and fuchsia converse hi-top sneakers.

Luna Lovegood Jewelry: Luna again loves colorful accessories like pink sunglasses, a bettle ring, and radish earrings.

Luna Lovegood Accessories: To complete your Luna Lovegood Halloween costume don2t forget blue and black leg warmers, blue tights, her wand, and a "Quibbler" magazine.

Luna Lovegood Halloween Costume

Luna Lovegood

Luna had limp, waist-length, dirty blond hair, very pale eyebrows and bulging eyes that constantly looked at her in surprise.

16-year-old Luna had waist-length, limp, dirty blonde hair, protruding silver eyes that often seemed dreamily distracted, and weak eyebrows. She had an aura of "pronounced dottiness" and was known for tucking her wand behind her left ear for safe keeping.

Luna had a unique fashion sense that other people usually found bizarre. She often wore strange trinkets like a butterbeer cork chain and dirigible plum earrings, as well as a pair of Spectrespecs. Luna also didn't wear shoes because the students in her house took her shoes and hid them.

Luna Lovegood Outfits

At the Hogwarts Quidditch Games, Luna supported Gryffindor against every house except Ravenclaw. To show her support for Gryffindor, she wore a hat shaped like a roaring lion head, and to support Ravenclaw, she wore an eagle hat with flapping wings. She wore silver robes to Professor Slughorn's Christmas party in 1996. She wore bright yellow robes to Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour's wedding because she was taught that wearing the colors of the sun for a wedding was lucky and she also had a sunflower in her hair. Despite her strange clothes, she has sometimes been described as "pretty".
Luna was an extremely peculiar girl with a calm demeanor and lots of eccentric beliefs and qualities. She was completely unorthodox; She had no self-esteem and wasn't afraid to show who she really was. Luna was also intelligent and unusually shrewd, having been classified in Ravenclaw, "where those with wit and knowledge will always find their way". A prime example of Luna's perception was when she pointed out the ironically drastic measures taken against Sirius Black when he fled Azkaban. However, when ten Death Eaters escaped, little action was taken to retake them.

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