Dress Like Sarah Miller

The Last of US -HBO- Sarah Outfits


You will need the following items for your Sarah Miller from HBO's The Last of Us Halloween costume:

  1. The Last of Us Halican Drops T-Shirt
  2. Tummy Control Straight-Leg Jean
  3. Fabric Marker Set (for the drawings on the jean)
  4. Shark Teeth Necklace
  5. Vsco String Bracelets
  6. JanSport Viking Red Backpack
  7. Converse White Sneakers

Update: Long Curly Wig

Sarah Miller is a character in The Last of Us of HBO. She is the teenage daughter of Joel.   Sarah and her father had a close relationship. Despite her father's spiritlessness towards it, she worked hard to make his birthday special. 

The end of civilization doesn't have to mean that you should cosplay alone. Get some friends to dress up as Joel, Ellie, Riley Abel, and Tess to kill some fungi.

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Tabasco Sauce

Sarah Miller Costume

How To Dress Like Sarah Miller From The Last Of Us

Dress Like Sarah Miller From The Last Of Us

Dress Like Sarah Miller From The Last Of Us;

Sarah Miller T-Shirt: Sarah wears a long slevee t-shirt and another t-shirt that is short sleeve and printed.

Sarah Miller Pajama: You need pink plaid flannel pajama for Sarah Miller cosplay.

Sarah Miller Accessories: Sarah wears plastic vintage bracelets and bead necklace. 

Sarah Miller Cosplay

Sarah Miller Cosplay

Sarah Miller is a playable character and a minor character of The Last of Us. She was Joel's 12-year-old daughter before the Cordyceps brain infection broke out.

It is voiced by Hana Hayes and capped.

The Last Of Us Sarah Halloween Costume

Sarah has Joel's sense of humor as she swaps bumps with her father during the prologue without missing a beat. She takes care of him because she somehow manages to find enough money to buy him an implicitly expensive birthday present.

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