Riley Abel Costume

Riley Abel Costume

How To Dress Like Riley Abel From The Last Of Us

Riley Abel

Dress Like Riley Abel From The Last Of Us

Riley Abel Shirt: In The last of us we see Riley in white dirty and worn t-shirt and gray work shirt.

Riley Abel Jeans & Boots: Riley wears a straight fit jeans basic work boots.

Riley Abel Accessories: You need bracelets, anglehead flashlight, burgundy backpack & dog tag to complete your Riley Abel cosplay.

The Last Of Us Riley Cosplay

The Last Of Us Riley Cosplay

Riley Abel is a character and the in The Last of Us.

Riley, a sixteen-year-old survivor who lived in Boston, did not like the military and often spoke positively about the fireflies to defend their allegedly radical actions. During her time in Boston she made friends with Ellie and the two quickly got together and became best friends.

She was voiced by Yaani King.

Riley The Last Of Riley Halloween Costume

Like most children born after the outbreak, Riley had to learn to become self-sufficient after her family died. Although she was cared for in the zone's military school, she was largely alone and broke the rules given the consequences of leaving the zone.

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