Dress Like Tess

Are you a fan of The Last Of Us video game and looking for a Halloween costume that will make you stand out? If so, then you should definitely consider dressing up as Tess, a tough and respected survivor who played a crucial role in the game's story. Tess is a popular choice for Halloween costumes because of her strong personality, unique style, and striking appearance.

In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to dress like Tess from The Last Of Us, including the essential items you'll need for her costume. Additionally, we'll provide some tips on how to act like Tess at the Halloween party, so you can fully embody the character and impress your friends. So, let's get started on creating a Tess costume that will turn heads this Halloween!

The Last Of Us Tess Costume


How To Dress Like Tess From The Last Of Us

Dress Like Tess From The Last Of Us

To create an authentic Tess costume, you'll need the following items:

  1. Knit T-Shirt: Begin with an army-colored t-shirt as the base layer for your costume.
  2. Wine-Colored Shirt: Layer a wine-colored short-sleeved shirt over the army-colored t-shirt.
  3. Scarf Bandana: Tie a gray and white paisley scarf bandana around your neck, with the knot positioned at the front.
  4. AK-988 Toy Rifle: For the weapon prop, you'll need an AK-988 toy rifle to complete the look.
  5. Vintage Backpack: Get a vintage canvas backpack to carry your essentials and complete your costume.
  6.  Air Pistol: As an optional prop, you can also carry a CO2-powered air pistol to add to the authenticity of your costume.
  7. Brown Combat Boots: Complete the look with brown lace-up military boots that will complement the outfit and add to its rugged appeal.

Once you have all the necessary items, it's time to assemble your costume. Begin by wearing the army-colored t-shirt as your base layer, and then layer the wine-colored short-sleeved shirt over it. Tie the gray and white paisley scarf bandana around your neck, ensuring that the knot is positioned at the front. Put on the brown lace-up military boots and carry the vintage canvas backpack. Lastly, add the AK-988 toy rifle to your costume to complete the look.

With these items and steps, you can easily create an authentic Tess costume that will turn heads at any Halloween party.

Tess Cosplay

The Last Of Us Tess Halloween Costume

Dressing up like Tess is just the first step in becoming the character for Halloween. If you really want to impress your friends, you'll need to act like her too. Here are some tips to help you channel Tess's personality and attitude:

  1. Be Confident and Assertive: Tess is a natural leader and takes charge in difficult situations. Walk with confidence and assertiveness, and speak with a commanding tone.
  2. Be Ruthless, but Protective: Tess is a survivor in a harsh world and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect herself and those she cares about. Show a willingness to take risks and make tough decisions to keep yourself and your friends safe.
  3. Show Compassion: Despite her tough exterior, Tess has a compassionate side, especially when it comes to Ellie. Show kindness and empathy towards others, especially those in need.
  4. Be Resourceful: Tess is a skilled smuggler and survivor, and she knows how to improvise with whatever resources are available. Use your imagination and ingenuity to come up with creative solutions to problems.
  5. Have a Sense of Humor: Even in the midst of danger and chaos, Tess has a dry sense of humor that she uses to lighten the mood. Use your wit and humor to add some levity to the Halloween party.

By incorporating these elements into your portrayal of Tess, you can create a convincing and memorable character that will impress everyone at the Halloween party.

The Last Of Us Tess Halloween Cosplay

Dressing up like Tess from The Last of Us can be a fun and exciting way to stand out at your next Halloween party. With the right costume and attitude, you can become a convincing version of this beloved character.

Remember to pay attention to the details when putting together your costume, from the army green t-shirt to the vintage canvas backpack. And don't forget to act like Tess too, with confidence, resourcefulness, and a bit of humor.

By following these tips and putting in some effort, you can create a memorable and impressive Tess cosplay that will be the talk of the party. So grab your AK-988 toy rifle and get ready to channel your inner Tess!

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