Becoming Number One: The Ultimate Luther Hargreeves Costume Guide

Welcome to the world of "The Umbrella Academy," where extraordinary individuals with unique abilities embark on thrilling adventures. In this guide, we'll focus on Luther Hargreeves, also known as Number One, and show you how to transform into this strong and protective character for your next cosplay or Halloween party.

Luther Hargreeves Costume


You need the following items for your Luther Hargreeves Halloween costume:

  1. Muscle Suit
  2. Military Green Overcoat
  3. Tactical Cargo Pant
  4. Fingerless Gloves
  5. Gray Pullover
  6. Black Escalade Shoes


How to Dress Like Luther Hargreeves

To embody Luther Hargreeves, follow these five steps to create the perfect costume:

  1. Muscle Suit: Begin with a muscle suit to capture Luther's imposing physique.
  2. Military Green Overcoat: Add a military green overcoat for his distinctive style.
  3. Tactical Cargo Pants: Wear tactical cargo pants for a rugged and practical look.
  4. Fingerless Gloves: Don fingerless gloves to complete the ensemble.
  5. Gray Pullover: Layer with a gray pullover to stay true to Luther's appearance.
  6. Black Escalade Shoes: Finish off the look with a pair of black Escalade shoes.
Luther Hargreeves Cosplay

Luther Hargreeves Cosplay

To truly become Luther Hargreeves, follow these five steps to embody his character:

  1. Protective Instinct: Embrace Luther's protective nature by looking out for your friends and fellow partygoers.
  2. Strong Moral Code: Hold firm in your beliefs about right and wrong, just as Luther does.
  3. Leader Mentality: Take on a leadership role at the party, just like Luther does within The Umbrella Academy.
  4. Childlike Naivety: Capture Luther's somewhat naive and sheltered demeanor, stemming from his isolated upbringing.
  5. Vulnerability: Show moments of vulnerability, allowing your character to resonate with others.

About Luther Hargreeves - Unveiling the Character

Luther Hargreeves, often referred to as Number One, is a character defined by his protective and righteous nature. As the leader of The Umbrella Academy, Luther takes his role very seriously and devotes his life to his father's cause. His unwavering loyalty and sheltered upbringing have left him somewhat naive, with a childlike aspect to his personality. However, when he faces disappointment and disillusionment, Luther spirals into self-destructive behavior, adding complexity to his character.

Additional Tips

  • Study Luther's Leadership: Watch "The Umbrella Academy" series to better understand Luther's leadership qualities and demeanor.
  • Practice Protective Gestures: Emulate Luther's protective gestures and actions at the party.
  • Stay True to Righteousness: Hold firm in your beliefs about right and wrong, just as Luther does within the series.
  • Engage in Moral Discussions: Spark conversations about moral dilemmas to showcase your character's strong moral code.
  • Embrace Vulnerability: Don't shy away from showing vulnerability, as it adds depth to your portrayal of Luther.


Transforming into Luther Hargreeves for your next cosplay or Halloween event is a thrilling venture into the world of The Umbrella Academy. By following this guide, you can confidently embody his strong, protective, and somewhat naive character. So, assemble your costume, step into Luther's shoes, and embrace the leadership and righteousness of Number One. Just remember, as Luther himself said, "Only my father calls me Number One." You're ready to lead the way!

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