Cosplay Like Ben Hargreeves: A Step-by-Step Transformation

Unlocking the Ben Hargreeves Style: Your Ultimate Guide

The enigmatic and unique characters of "The Umbrella Academy" have captured the hearts of viewers worldwide, and one character who stands out is Ben Hargreeves. His mysterious past and distinctive style make him an intriguing choice for cosplay. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to transform into Ben Hargreeves step by step, from the clothing to the attitude.

Ben Hargreeves Costume


You will need the following items for your Ben Hargreeves costume:

  1. Black Hoodie
  2. Black Jeans
  3. Black Leather Jacket
  4. Chelsea Boots
  5. Ben Hargreeves DIY Tentacles  (Youtube Guide)

How to Dress Like Ben Hargreeves

To embody Ben Hargreeves, you'll need to assemble the following clothing items:

  1. Black Hoodie: Start with a black hoodie, a staple of Ben's signature look.
  2. Black Jeans: Pair your hoodie with black jeans for that classic Hargreeves style.
  3. Black Leather Jacket: Layer up with a black leather jacket for added edge.
  4. Chelsea Boots: Slip into a pair of sleek Chelsea boots to complete the ensemble.
  5. Ben Hargreeves DIY Tentacles: Don't forget the most iconic part of Ben's costume – his DIY tentacles. You can find a tutorial on YouTube to create these impressive accessories.

Ben Hargreeves Cosplay

Getting the look is only half the battle; you'll also need to adopt Ben's personality for the full effect. Here are five steps to channel your inner Ben Hargreeves:

  1. Embrace the Reluctance: Ben is known for his reluctance to engage in the superhero lifestyle. Channel his skepticism and play it cool.
  2. Master the Deadpan: Ben's sense of humor is dry and deadpan. Practice delivering witty one-liners with a straight face.
  3. Mysterious Aura: Create an air of mystery around you. Speak in cryptic ways and keep your true feelings close to the chest.
  4. Express Through Body Language: Ben communicates a lot through his body language. Be observant and use subtle gestures to convey his character.
  5. "Can we go home now?": This iconic line sums up Ben's attitude perfectly. Use it as your catchphrase throughout the party.

About Ben Hargreeves - Unveiling the Character

Ben Hargreeves, also known as Number Six, possesses a unique and tragic story in "The Umbrella Academy." He was a member of the superhero team but met a mysterious fate. His power allows him to summon eldritch tentacle-like creatures from another dimension. Despite his dark abilities, Ben is known for his reluctance to use them and his dry sense of humor.

Additional Tips:

  • Pay attention to details: Ben's style is all about simplicity and dark tones. Ensure your clothing choices reflect this.
  • Practice deadpan humor: Ben's witty remarks often catch others off guard. Practice delivering your lines with a straight face.
  • Create a sense of mystery: Leave partygoers intrigued by your enigmatic persona.
  • DIY tentacles: Don't forget to create or purchase your DIY tentacles to truly complete the look.
  • Watch "The Umbrella Academy": Study Ben's character in the show to capture his essence more accurately.


Transforming into Ben Hargreeves for a Halloween party or cosplay event is a unique and captivating choice. By following this comprehensive guide, you can confidently embrace Ben's style, attitude, and mysterious allure. So, gather your wardrobe, practice your deadpan humor, and prepare to channel the reluctant hero at your next event. After all, as Ben famously said, "Can we go home now?"

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