Grace Hargreeves Costume

How To Dress Like Grace From The Umbrella Academy

About Grace Hargreeves

"You all seem upset. I'll make cookies."


When Vanya was young, she had multiple nannies that she killed with her powers when they pressured her into doing something that she didn't enjoy. Frustrated by the amount of nannies Vanya killed, Sir Reginald Hargreeves made Grace to be the perfect housewife and mother to the children of the Umbrella Academy. The children are very fond of Grace, referring to her as "Mom" through the series. Vanya and Diego seem to have the most connection to her, as she encouraged them through their own personal struggles.

Grace Hargreeves Cosplay

Grace Hargreves Cosplay Costume

Dress Like Grace Hargreeves; Grace Hargreeves costume consists of blue vintage dress, white waist apron and pearl necklace. To complete you Grace Hargreeves costume don't forget to get red low heel shoes.

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