Dress Like Cha Cha from The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy Cha Cha Costume


You need the following items for your Cha Cha Halloween Costume:

  1. Navy Blazer /  Navy Suit Pants
  2.  Black Suit Vest
  3.  Black Necktie
  4.  Cha Cha Mask
  5. Black Dress Shoes
  6. Fake AR-15 Machine Gun
Hazel Costume

The Umbrella Academy Hazel Costume

Hazel and Cha-Cha are trained killers who have committed multiple murders. They live in and out of time, as they do not grow old.

The duo were murdered when the seance they had abducted had one of them and made him shoot the other and blew his brain out.

Cha Cha Cosplay Costume

Cha cha Halloween Costume

"Time travel's a bitch."

—Cha Cha

Cha Cha is an assassin. Cha Cha and her partner  Hazel, was appointed to prevent Number Five from stopping the apocalypse. Cha Cha is played by Mary J. Blige in the Netflix adaptation of The Umbrella Academy.


  • In the comic books Chacha is male and wears a blue mask.
Umbrella Academy ChaCha Outfits

Dress Like Cha Cha

The Umbrella Academy Cha Cha Costume

Cha Cha and her partner Hazel (Cameron Britton) also wear their uniforms to reflect the middle management's commitment to their work as deadly time-lapse bombers. So tailored trouser suits, but in a subtle pinstripe navy blue instead of black, to appear again on the screen.

To distinguish Cha Cha - "a stubborn murderer, after all" - from the (relatively) "softer" hazel, Hargadon added an "armored" flair to her three-piece suit, decorated with steampunk-like metal closures instead of blue buttons , Obviously, he also had to pay homage to the Oscar-nominated Queen of Hip-Hop Soul herself.

When you see Mary J. in a very different context - in concert and in other situations - she often wears bustiers, "says Hargadon, who then decided to give her buttoned layer with the corset a sexy, dangerous edge." It's also a bit like armor. "

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