Embrace the Rebellion: The Ultimate Diego Hargreeves Costume Guide

Unleash Your Inner Rebel: The Diego Hargreeves Costume Guide

In the realm of extraordinary characters from "The Umbrella Academy," Diego Hargreeves stands out as a rebellious and impulsive hero with a penchant for throwing knives. If you're a fan of this sharp-witted vigilante and want to channel his bold style for Halloween or a cosplay event, you've come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you through how to transform into Diego Hargreeves step by step, from the clothing to the attitude.

Diego Hargreeves Costume



To capture the essence of Diego Hargreeves, you'll need the following clothing and accessories:

  1. Black Tactical Pants: Start with a pair of black tactical pants, perfect for a night of crime-fighting.
  2. Black Tactical Chest Rig: Strap on a tactical chest rig to give your costume that authentic vigilante feel.
  3. Superhero Mask: Don the iconic superhero mask seen in "The Umbrella Academy."
  4. Black Workout Shirt: Underneath your tactical gear, wear a black workout shirt for comfort and style.
  5. Black Tactical Gloves: Slide into black tactical gloves for that added touch of authenticity.
  6. Throwing Knives: No Diego Hargreeves costume is complete without a set of throwing knives.
  7. Black Tactical Boots: Finish the look with sturdy black tactical boots for a ready-for-action vibe.

Diego Hargreeves Cosplay

Dressing the part is one thing, but truly becoming Diego Hargreeves requires mastering his attitude. Here are five steps to help you embody his character:

  1. Embrace Confidence: Diego exudes confidence. Walk tall and carry yourself with an air of self-assuredness.
  2. Emulate His Rebellious Spirit: Diego is known for his rebellious nature. Don't be afraid to challenge the status quo.
  3. Quick-Wit and Sharp Tongue: Practice sharp and witty comebacks, as Diego is known for his snappy one-liners.
  4. Channel Your Emotions: Diego is emotional and quick to act on his feelings. Express your emotions without hesitation.
  5. Protective Instincts: Like Diego's fierce loyalty to his "mother," show protectiveness towards something or someone at the party.

About Diego Hargreeves - Unveiling the Character

Diego Hargreeves, also known as Number Two, possesses a complex personality. Despite his cocky exterior, he harbors deep insecurities stemming from his desire to prove himself to his father. His emotional connection to his animatronic "mother" sets him apart from his siblings, making him fiercely protective of her. He's known for his impulsive nature, quick temper, and tendency to act without thinking.

Additional Tips

  • Practice Knife Handling: If you plan to carry throwing knives, ensure you handle them safely and skillfully.
  • Watch "The Umbrella Academy": Study Diego's character in the show to capture his unique mannerisms and expressions.
  • Stay in Character: Throughout the party, stay true to Diego's rebellious and emotional persona.
  • Group Cosplay: Consider going as part of a group dressed as other Umbrella Academy characters for added fun.


Becoming Diego Hargreeves for Halloween or a cosplay event is an exciting endeavor. By following this guide, you can confidently embody his distinctive style, attitude, and rebellious spirit. So, gear up, practice your throwing skills, and get ready to throw yourself into the world of "The Umbrella Academy." As Diego would say, "Guns are for sissies, real men throw knives!"

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