Demogorgon Costume

Demogorgon Halloween Costume

The Demogorgon, also known as a monster, was a predatory humanoid creature that arrived in Hawkins, Indiana, in November 1983. The creature came from the parallel dimension known as Upside Down. When Eleven, a psychic subject of the Hawkins National Laboratory, made interdimensional contact with it, a door between the dimensions opened in the lab.

The creature went through terrorizing Hawkins for about a week. It kidnapped various residents and brought them back upside down, usually killing them. The friends and family of Will Byers, one of Demogorgon's victims, began slowly to find out the truth about the creature with the help of the escaped elf. The creature was finally defeated and destroyed by Eleven in a showdown at Hawkins Middle School.

Demogorgon Cosplay

The monster was able to change dimensions on a whim and create temporary portals in the fabric of reality. The monster reached Mirkwood, a road near a local forest, where it followed Will Byers on his way home. The monster pursued Will as he entered his house and forced Will to run to his garden shed. Will hid in the shed and loaded a rifle for self-defense, but the monster simply appeared behind him and brought him upside down.

When Will was upside down, he was able to avoid the creature for nearly a week, trying to communicate with his mother. Joyce and Will had some successes, with Will manipulating the electricity in his home dimension, though sometimes these attempts attracted the monster. In an early attempt, Joyce noticed that her house wall distorted and distorted as the monster began to break through and startle her. In a later attempt, the monster broke through, though Joyce managed to overtake it.

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