Dress Like Suzie Poo from Stranger Things

Stranger Things Suzie Costume


You need the following items for your Suzie Poo Halloween costume:

  1. Floral Nightgown
  2. Pink Ribbon
  3. Pink Hair Tie
  4.  Earrings
  5. Vintage Glasses
  6. Turquoise Bracelet
  7.  Desk Mic
  8. Stranger Things Suzie's Book (A Wizard of Earthsea)
  9.  Dustin's Hat (The hat that belonged to Dustin in Season 1-2 is now placed in Suzie's room, on the nightstand

Suzie And Dustin Costume

Dustin Henderson Season 3 Costume

Dustin and Suzie are very romantic couples in Stranger Things Season 3. They met in Camp Know Where Science Camp.

Suzie Poo Stranger Things Cosplay

Dress like Suzie from Stranger Things; Suzie poo costume consists of Suzie's floral nightgown, pink ribbon, pink hair tie and round vintage glasses, to complete your Suzie Poo look don't forget to get the book that Suzie reads named A Wizard of Earthsea.

Suzie Poo Costume

When he finally turned to her, Suzie was excited to hear from him, but was annoyed to learn that he mainly called her to ask her about Planck's constant, and gently mocked him for not knowing it. She only agreed to give it to him when he sang the theme song for The Never-ending Story, which he made as a duet with her.

Like Dustin, Suzie is interested in science and comics. Indeed, when Dustin calls Suzie and asks if she knows the Planck constant, she says "of course I do" and can recite it by heart. It is also shown that she can operate an amateur radio since this is her main mode of communication with Dustin.

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Suzie Poo Outfits

"Okay, let me just be clear on this. I haven't heard from you in a week, and now you want a mathematical equation that you should know so you can... save the world?"

— Suzie to Dustin, "The Battle of Starcourt"

Suzie attended the summer camp at Camp Know Where, where she met Dustin Henderson. The two finally entered into a relationship. While the couple had to separate at the end of the camp, they agreed to continue to contact each other. Dustin tried to reach her via his amateur radio as soon as he got home, but she couldn't answer at that time, and Dustin was distracted for the next few days as he examined Russian presence in Hawkins.


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