Dress Like Viktor Tsoi

Viktor Tsoi Costume


How To Dress Like Viktor Tsoi From Kino

Viktor Tsoi Kino Halloween Costume

Dress like Viktor Tsoi From Kino;

Viktor Tsoi Costume Tops: #1 mock turtleneck super-t, #12 Tank Tops Casual Sleeveless Lightweight Muscle Shirts Knit Loose Cami Shirt Summer Sweater Vest Blouses

Viktor Tsoi Costume Wig: #2 black short wavy fluffy style wig.

Viktor Tsoi Costume Pant: #3 wild cargo pant.

Viktor Tsoi Costume Accessories: #4 Western cowboy natural tiger eye leather necktie, #6 Western vintage style genuine two buckles leather belt, #11 cotton scarf for men - warm fringe plaid scarves.

Viktor Tsoi Costume Watch: #5 1930 Dashtronic automatic Cotswold genuine leather band stainless steel case automated movement 3-atm water resistant wrist watch.

Viktor Tsoi Costume Shoes: #7 club c sneaker, #9 Bruno Marc casual dress sneakers skate shoe.

Viktor Tsoi Jackets: #8 washed cotton canvas military jacket windbreaker, #10 lightweight blazer jacket cotton single breasted notched collar loose fit sport coat.

Viktor Tsoi Halloween Costume

Viktor Tsoi was a Soviet singer-songwriter and co-founder of Kino, one of the most popular and musically influential bands in the history of Russian-language music.

Born and raised in Leningrad, Tsoi began writing songs as a teenager. Tsoi has contributed a wealth of musical and artistic achievements throughout his career, including ten albums.

Kino appeared and starred in the 1987 Soviet film Assa, the band's popularity skyrocketed, sparking a period called "Kinomania" and leading to Tsoi's starring role in the 1988 Kazakh new wave art film The Needle. In 1990, after their high-profile concert at Luzhniki Stadium, Tsoi briefly moved to Latvia with bandmate Yuri Kasparyan to work on the band's next album. Two months after the concert, Tsoi died in a car accident.

Viktor Tsoi Cosplay

He is considered one of the most important pioneers of Russian Soviet rock and is credited with popularizing the genre throughout the Soviet Union. He has a loyal following in many former Soviet countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia where he is known as one of the most influential and beloved people in the history of Russian music.

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