Iron Fist Costume

Iron Fist Costume

Diy Iron Fist Cosplay Costume

Dress like Iron Fist from Marvel Comics; Iron Fist costume consists of thai fisherman pants, iron fist mask, mma hand wraps and yellow wrestling boots, to complete your iron fist costume don't forget to get iron fist dragon tattoo and magic tricks burning gloves.

Diy Iron Fist Halloween Costume

At the age of nineteen, Daniel Rand had the opportunity to gain the power of the Iron Fist. He was sent to battle the mighty fire-breathing snake named Shou-Lao the Immortal, who lived in a cave outside the city and cruelly guarded a brazier that contained her heart and was mysteriously removed from her body. In their struggle, Daniel Rand reached for the body of the snake, which bore a scar that stamped on Rand's chest. Rand killed the snake and dipped his hands into the now unguarded brazier that contained Shou-Lao's melted heart when his hands glowed with a quasi-mystical power and he was given the title "Iron Fist" because he could now summon superhuman energy to the power to increase from being hit by his hands.

Iron Fist Cosplay

Rand refused to stay in K'un-Lun forever and returned to America when the Nexus reopened to take revenge on Meachum for his father's death. While recovering from severe frostbite in the Himalayas, Meachum learned of Rand's training in K'un-Lun and returned to America as an invalid to await Rand. Rand finally confronted Meachum in the solemn garb of Iron Fist, but took pity on the invalid and spared him. Minutes later, a mysterious ninja murdered Meachum. Iron Fist was blamed for the murder by Meachum's daughter Joy and commissioned to find the ninja and delete his own name. Finally, Iron Fist succeeded in both tasks. At the same time, he accompanied a woman named Jade to Feng-Tu, beyond K'un-Lun, where he met his mother, who had taken the name Silver Dragon and had been enslaved by the magician Dhasha Khan. While in Feng-Tu, the archer killed him so that he could fight Khan as a ghost. After defeating him, Jade brought Rand back to life.

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