Hazbin Hotel Niffty Costume

Diy Hazbin Hotel Niffty Costume

Diy Hazbin Hotel Niffty Costume Guide

How To Dress Like Niffty From Hazbin Hotel

Hazbin Hotel Niffty Halloween Costume

Dress like Niffty from Hazbin Hotel, Niffty costume consists of red 50s style niffty skirt, red short wig, purple neck scarf and purple leggings, to complete your Niffty cosplay look don't forget to get purple opera gloves.

Hazbin Hotel Niffty Cosplay Costume

Hazbin Hotel Niffty Cosplay Costume

Niffty is a cleaning lady and cook for the Happy Hotel and a main character in the Hazbin Hotel series.
Niffey's personality is hyper and spontaneous and she is on her feet quickly. It is easy to maintain and excited.

She goes absolutely crazy when there is confusion and seems to have a strange obsession with men.

Hazbin Hotel Niffty Outfits

Niffty is a little one-eyed demon, like a Cyclops. Your eye consists of a pink-orange sclera with a light yellow iris. She also has short but fluffy pink hair with a yellow undertone. Her teeth are sharp and pale yellow and she has pink spots on each end of her mouth. Her clothing is themed after the 50s because she wears a dark pink scarf, a white shirt with pink dots (which seem to have a slightly dripping pattern) and a pink skirt with a poodle pattern and yellow dots. It also has small dark pink limbs.

Hazbin Hotel Cosplay Ideas
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