Avril Lavigne Costume

Avril Lavigne Halloween Costume

You need the following items for your Avril Lavigne Halloween costume:

  1. Rose Red Pleated Mini Skirt
  2. Black Polo Shirt
  3. Blonde Lace Front Wig
  4. Light Pink Hair Extensions
  5. Black Wristband
  6. Fake Microphone
  7. Fishnet Thigh High Stockings
  8. Black Eyeliner
  9. Black Nail Polish
  10. Black & White Striped Calf High Socks
  11. Nike Women's Court Vision Mid-Sneaker

Avril Lavigne is a Canadian singer. By the age of 15, she was on stage with a famous artist.  Lavigne was born in Ontario, Canada. Her father named her after the French word for the month of April. He and Avril's mother knew that their child had a good voice when she sang “Jesus Loves Me” on the way home from church when she was two years old. Both of Avril's siblings teased her when she sang.

Get the look of Avril Lavigne by dressing up in a plaid skirt, a black polo shirt, a black wristband for your left wrist, fishnet thigh high stockings, and black Nike sneakers.


How To Dress Like Avril Lavigne 

Avril Lavigne Halloween Costume

Dress like Avril Lavigne;

Avril Lavigne Costume: Bad news gen X, 2000s are now officially nostalgia. Get this one of the best rebellious, hot, vintage look to be the center of attention at Halloween party. This costume idea is great, especially for those who don't like spending tons of money on costumes just to use once, as you can wear each and every piece of this costume for years until they wore out.

If you don't already have a plaid skirt in pinkish red, a black polo shirt, striped black socks, and black Nike sneakers, just head to a retail store.  You may also want to visit a cosmetics store to get black eyeliners, black nail polish which were very trendy back in early 2000s.

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