Psylocke Costume

X-Men Psylocke Cosplay Costume

X-Men Psylocke Cosplay Costume

Dress like Psylocke from X-Men; Psylocke costume consists of black dance suit, purple/black hair extensions, black opera gloves, puple katana sword and red kung fu sashe, to complete your Psylocke cosplay look don't forget to get black boots. If you don't want to diy, you can get full Psylocke costume instead.

X-Men Psylocke Hallowen Costume

X-Men Psylocke Halloween Costume

Psylocke is a mutant that had shadow teleportation ability in the original timeline, but later showed the ability to make psionic weapons after Wolverine's timeline was changed.

X-Men Psylocke Costume

In the original timeline, Psylocke seemed to hate people and was involved in the attack on Alcatraz. She tried to murder Warren Worthington II when he pioneered the cure.

In the revised timeline, Psylocke appears to be a follower whose loyalty is limited only to those who can make her a more interesting offer. This is shown when she leaves her boss, Caliban, for the apocalypse. If the Apocalypse is overpowered and defeated by the joint efforts of the X-Men, it will go through the pause to stare at it, suggesting that it may have a grudge against it. She seems to enjoy, kill, or at least fight a challenging fight because she never uses telepathy and only uses her psionic powers to build weapons. This limitation allows her to gracefully fight what she seems to enjoy. She has a killer instinct because she doesn't hesitate to hold a sword at Apocalypse and Storm when facing Caliban, and she sadistically tries to strangle Beast. In particular, when the apocalypse brought drivers to Auschwitz concentration camp, she and her teammates seemed surprised and disgusted by their surroundings, suggesting that despite their loyalty to the apocalypse, they were dissatisfied with an earlier genocide.

She seems to be friends with Angel, or at least middle-class, when she suggests to Apocalypse to recruit him. Although she is clearly surprised by Angel's injury and profane rejection, she doesn't seem to be pleased to see Angel in his depressed state, and seems a little appalled by his painful transformation, but is also extremely impressed by Archangel's demonstration of his new one Power. It is also noteworthy that she and Archangel are the only drivers who cooperate in any way in the fight against the X-Men. Unlike Storm and Magneto, she does not join the X-Men or become her ally, but goes her own way.

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