Sage Costume

Star Darlings Sage Halloween Costume

Dress Like Sage From Star Darlings

Dress Like Sage From Star Darlings

Dress like Sage from Star Darlings;

Sage Outfit: Sage wears a purple tunic midi dress and purple pantyhose.

Sage Wig: Sage has long wavy purple hair with glitter.

Sage Shoes: She wears purple boots and purple boot socks.

Sage Accessories: To complete your Star Darlings Sage costume don't forget to get Sage's star necklace, star headband and purple eyeshadow.

Star Darlings Sage Cosplay

Star Darlings Sage Cosplay

Sage is the main character of Disney's Star Darlings. She has long, thick, shimmery lavender hair that she usually hangs in braids that reach almost to her waist. A pointed chin and large sparkling purple eyes give her a slightly mischievous look. Her cheeks are permanently flushed pink and her rosebud lips are usually curved in a playful smile. Like all starlings, she has slightly sparkling skin that shimmers and a mocha skin tone. Your wish pendant is a sparkling gold star hanging on a long lavender rope that is accented with its own little stars. Like all Wish pendants, it absorbs the energy you want and lights up when your wisher is nearby or when the pendant absorbs the energy you want.

Star Darlings Sage Costume

Sage's wishworld appearance changes so she doesn't stand out very much. Sage lavender hair turns brown with only one streak of color; their skin loses its luster; and her clothes are getting more and more Wishworld-friendly - super cute, but without the Starland glow that could give them away. When she recites her mirror mantra in front of a mirror, her reflection changes to show her true appearance. Her accessories consist of her wish tag and a lavender backpack with a purple star key ring.

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