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Dress Like Nancy Wheeler from Stanger Things Season 3; Nancy Wheeler season 3 costume consists of Nancy Wheeler season 3 cosplay costume, brown short wig, casio women's leather watch and round opal necklace, to complete your Nancy Wheeler purple dress costume don't forget to get a cross body bag and flat slip on shoes.

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Nancy Wheeler Cosplay

Dress Like Nancy Wheeler

Nancy Wheeler, portrayed by actress Natalia Dyer, is a main character in the first, second and third season of Stranger Things. First, because she deals with simple questions about teenage schools, her world is turned upside down when her best friend Barbara Holland disappears and encourages her to search for the truth.

Nancy was still grieving for her best friend's death when their relationship with Steve Harrington broke down and the two finally separated. Later, Nancy and Jonathan decided to go on a trip to expose the Hawkins National Laboratory as a threat. Finally, she helps Jonathan and his mother remove Will Byers from Mind Flayer. A month later, Nancy officially started a romantic relationship with Jonathan.

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Nancy is over-intelligent and hard-working, has a high GPA and is studying intensively for tests. However, after she entered into a relationship with Steve, she became more rebellious, lied, and participated in activities that she would otherwise probably not have done. While her actions were influenced by her new "friends", she was still friendly, personable and hardworking. Her ingenious mind led her to find out the truth about Barb's disappearance, even though she still felt guilty.

She was also shown to have a tremendous amount of bravery, determination, and conviction, which is of great importance to those she was interested in. When she was looking for the missing Barb, she bravely entered a portal to another dimension to save her friend. Later, determined to kill the monster, she willingly used her and Jonathan's blood to lure it out.

After the death of her best friend in 1984, Nancy still had an enormous amount of guilt and even accused herself of causing Barb's death. Nancy rarely took her grief and guilt out of anyone except Steve and Jonathan. However, after Nancy got drunk at a Halloween party, she let out her sadness, anger, and guilt at Steve, which led her to reveal that she no longer loved him. Although Nancy didn't remember her drunk state the next day, she felt guilty for saying these harsh words to Steve and wondered if she really meant what she said. After keeping the truth about Barb's death for a year, Nancy decided to avenge her friend by exposing Hawkins Lab, where Barb was finally buried and Barb's parents were finally closed.

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