Crimson Viper Costume

How To Dress Like Crimson Viper From Street Fighter

Street Fighter Crimson Viper Cosplay Costume

Street Fighter Crimson Viper Cosplay Costume
Street Fighter Crimson Viper Cosplay Costume

Crimson Viper, also known as C. Viper or under her pseudonym Maya, is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, which can be seen for the first time in Street Fighter IV. She is a covert CIA agent who fights with a series of devices hidden in her combat suit.

Crimson Viper Halloween Costume

Dress Like Crimson Viper
Dress Like Crimson Viper

Dress like Crimson Viper, Crimson Viper costume consists of dark blazer, leather leggings, white vest, red braid wig and purple skinny tie, to complete your Crimson Viper costume look don't forget to get knee high leather boots and leather fingerless gloves.

Street Fighter Crimson Viper Costume

Crimson Viper wears a combat suit designed specifically for the tournament and developed and produced by SIN. At the request of a leader for the reason for her participation in the tournament, she states that she is the only subject who effectively exploits the suit's abilities. and is thus the main candidate for the field test.

The suit is notable in the sense that it resembles a regular business suit, although two weapons are hidden in the accompanying gloves and boots. The combat suit is unlikely to protect the wearer from damage because it is designed for stealth and easy secrecy.

One of her alternative costumes in the Street Fighter IV games is a white science coat, a black dress with a revealing top, and black high-heeled shoes. In her original Street Fighter IV ending she wears a long black dress and black open shoes.

In her profile picture of the Street Fighter V website, C. Viper wears a gray, eye-catching catsuit with a green halter and a black strap with a bag on the shoulder and black boots. She also wears a matching black choker on her neck.

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