Max Mayfield Outfits

Max Mayfield Season 3 Costume


This is the costume tutorial of Max Mayfield Season 3, if you are looking for season 2 check Max Mayfield Season 2 Costume 

In 1984, Max and her family moved from California to Hawkins, Indiana, after her mother Susan was married to Neil Hargrove. She and her stepbrother Billy were not happy about the move.

Max and Eleven from Stranger Things 3
Max and Eleven from Stranger Things 3

Max Mayfield Season 3 Outfits

Max Mayfield Season 4 Costume

If you want to dress up as in this scene in Stranger Things Season 4 where Max is suspended, you should get a blue jacket with yellow stripes, a striped t-shirt, a pair of jeans, red shoes, and a blue buckle.

Matching Costume For Couples

Lucas Sinclair Season 3 Costume

In 1985, Lucas has matured, especially when it comes to his relationship with Max. He is also able to admit and balance his mistakes. Lucas is also ready to give Mike special advice when he starts to deal with problems in his relationship with Eleven. When Lucas learned that Max and Eleven had spied on him and Mike, Lucas, who was initially shocked and angry, forgives the girl quickly and shows that he is forgiving. Lucas is also shown playfully teasing his friends about their relationships with their girlfriends. Teasing Mike about the time he spends with Eleven and taunting Dustin by singing Never-ending Story, which he heard as Dustin sang the song to his distant friend, Suzie.

Eleven Mall Costume

Eleven Season 3 Mall Costume

Although Max seemed to admire Eleven and was ready to become her friend, Eleven was cold towards her and seemed jealous of her after she found it romantic to hang out with Mike. Although they have since become best friends and Max was always there to help El with her problems with Mike and give her good advice.

Max Mayfield Season 2 Costume
Ziggy Berman Costume

Other Items Worn By Max in Stranger Things Season 3

Max Mayfield Rainbow T Shirt
Max Mayfield Yellow Tank Top
Max Mayfield Yellow Raincoat
Max Mayfield Red Zip Shirt
Max Mayfield Red Zip Shirt
Max Mayfield Navy & Purple Tank Top
Max Mayfield Notebook
Max Mayfield Yellow Converse All Stars
Max Madrid Skateboard

About Max  Mayfield

"It's just, I know I can be a jerk like him sometimes, and I do not want to be like him. Ever"

—Max  Mayfield

Maxine "Max" Mayfield is a main protagonist introduced in the second season of Stranger Things. Her character is portrayed by Sadie Sink.

Max is a tomboy, having many interests that some wouldn’t consider “conventional” for a girl during the time period. She greatly enjoys skateboarding and is skilled at arcade games (such as Dig Dug), being proficient enough to achieve the top scores. She also displays a slight interest in horror films, having dressed as Michael Myers for Halloween. Max has some driving experience and was able to drive her brother's car fairly well.

Stranger Things Max Season 3 Cosplay
Stranger Things Max Season Costume


  • Max's skateboard was produced by Madrid Skateboards, the same brand as Marty McFly's skateboard from the 1985 film Back to the Future. Her skateboard's design, called 'Explosion', was a staple of Madrid's skateboard collection throughout the '80s. The company partnered with Netflix to sell replicas of Max's skateboard, as well as skateboards with various other designs inspired by the show.
  • Her alias, MADMAX, is a reference to the Mad Max films.
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