Stranger Things Tina Costume

Stranger Things Tina Costume

How To Dress Like Tina From Netflix's Stranger Things

How To Dress Like Tina From Netflix's Stranger Things

Dress like Tina from Netflix's Stranger Things; Stranger Things Tina costume consists of pink bomber jacket, striped crewneck sweater, skinny jeans and hoop earrings, to complete your Stranger Things Tina look don't forget to get a watch and pink vintage sneakers.

Stranger Things Costume Ideas

Stranger Things Tina Outfits

Tina was a student at Hawkins High School.

We first see Tina when she checked with Billy when he first came to Hawkins High.

Later that day, Tina handed out leaflets to the "Halloween Bash" party, which she held the following evening. Tina's party went ahead and was very popular. Many students came, including Nancy, Steve, Billy, Tommy H. and even Jonathan. At her Halloween party, she dresses up as a "Like A Virgin" Madonna.

She is portrayed by Madelyn Cline. After her small role in Stranger Things she is a main character in Netflix's Outer Banks as Sarah Cameron.

How Well Do You Know The Stranger Things Characters?

Think you are the biggest The Stranger Things fan ? Well, think again. Let's see if you can guess these 15 Stranger Things characters based on just their costumes. 

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