Jessica Jones Costume

Jessica Jones Costume

You need the following items for your Jessica Jones Halloween costume:

  1. Black Moto Biker Jacket
  2. Black V-Neck T-shirt
  3. Skinny Jeans
  4. Black Wavy Wig
  5. Black Fingerless Gloves
  6. Black Ankle Boot

How To Dress Like Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones Cosplay

Dress like Jessica Jones;

Jessica Jones' Outfit: Jessica has a simple look. She wears a black t-shirt, a black leather jacket, and skinny jeans. 

Jessica Jones' Accessories: To complete your Jessica Jones Halloween costume don't forget black fingerless gloves and black boots.

Jessica Jones Hallowen Costume

Jessica Jones Halloween Costume

Jessica Jones is a private investigator from New York City. After being orphaned at a young age, Jones was taken in by Dorothy Walker and developed a deep friendship with her Trish Walker. Soon after their adoption, Jones discovered that she had superhuman abilities due to the fatal car accident that killed her parents and decided to pursue a career as a superhero. However, a fateful encounter with Kilgrave, a vicious man with mind-controlling powers, ruined her superhero career, and spent an excruciating time as Kilgrave's sex slave before she finally escaped his control. The experience left her with post-traumatic stress disorder that resulted in her giving up her secret identity and starting her own detective agency.

Jessica Jones Cosplay

Despite her weaknesses, Jessica is a good person at heart who chooses not to waste the superpower given to her at the expense of her family and to become a heroine to help people. Unfortunately, the harrowing encounter with Kilgrave that led her to do whatever he wanted, including repeatedly raping and murdering a woman before escaping his control, resulted in Jessica giving up her life as a heroine and no longer in that Was able to consider himself a and rather hold back as a private investigator. Despite openly refusing to identify herself as such, Jessica shows signs of heroism as she deeply empathizes with other people who have been "Kilgraved" including Malcolm Ducasse and Hope Shlottman, though she was also scared enough to see as they left town and Hope left, Kilgrave was given the grace to protect herself because she thought she couldn't save her.

However, the combined trauma of losing her family and the Kilgrave experience also made Jessica a somewhat unstable person. She suffers from post-traumatic stress and survival debt and occasionally experiences hallucinations and flashbacks from her time in Kilgrave's hands. These hallucinations usually involve Kilgrave either whispering to her or otherwise intimate while surrounded by purple lighting, referring to the purple lighting in the back of the Il Rosso restaurant, where Kilgrave always had her table. In these cases, she can act more erratically and violently, such as slamming the window of a subway train after remembering one of Kilgrave's orders. After her family died, no matter how closely Jessica was connected to a person, Jessica had great difficulty making emotional connections with a person because she could not even say, "I love you" to Trish Walker, her adoptive sister, and closest friend. However, after killing Kilgrave, she appears to have calmed down several demons who are more loving and possibly closer to everyone than before.

Because of her trauma, Jessica developed a tendency to rely on alcohol to solve her problems. She is often seen drinking various types of low-impact spirits. She says most of her money goes straight into alcohol. Because of her superhuman metabolism, she can consume large amounts of alcohol without harming her liver and appears to be very tolerant, being able to quickly drink a whole bottle of wine over dinner with Kilgrave and then casually ask for another. When she's drunk, Jessica can get more violent, for example threatening Jeri Hogarth's ex-wife, Wendy, to sign her divorce papers.

Jessica is a very independent woman and shows no interest in a serious relationship, likely because she was forced with Kilgrave. However, she had brief sexual and later romantic relationships with Luke Cage and bonded through their similar superpowers and problematic backstories. Ultimately, she refused for anyone, especially men, to disregard her or her friends. She vigorously defended the few people she cared about, like Trish, but also stayed away from them so they wouldn't become collateral damage. Trish also implies that she has had relationships in the past, but none that are long-term.

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