SCP-049 Halloween Costume 2020

SCP-049 Costume

Dress Like SCP-049 From Containment Breach

Dress Like SCP-049 From Containment Breach

Dress like SCP-049 from Containment Breach;

SCP-049 Costume: Scp-049 dresses like a medieval plague doctor that's why fans refer to him as "Plague Doctor". You need black, long cape and hooded shoulder cloak.

SCP-049 Mask: He wears a grayish white plague doctor mask.

SCP-049 Boots: Scp-049 wears black boots with small heels.

SCP-049 Accessories: To complete your Scp-049 costume don't forget to get black gloves and brown messenger bag.

SCP-049 Halloween Costume

SCP-049 Halloween Costume

SCP-049 is a human-like SCP that follows the player upon release and is the epitome of SCP - Containment Breach. An attempt is made to "cure" the player, but when "cured" the player transforms into subject 049-2.

SCP-049 is about 6.2 feet tall humanoid being that looks similar to  a medieval plague doctor.

SCP-049 Cosplay

While SCP-049 appears to be wearing the thick robes and ceramic masks characteristic of this profession, the garments seem to have grown out of the body of SCP-049 over time and are now indistinguishable from any shape. X-rays show that SCP-049 nonetheless has a humanoid skeletal structure beneath its outer layer.

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