Fortnite Rosa Halloween Costume 2020

Fortnite Rosa Halloween Costume

Dress Like Rosa From Fortnite

Dress Like Rosa From Fortnite

Dress like Rosa from Fortnite;

Fortnite Rosa Costume: Rosa's costume is based on Day of The Dead festival outfits, she wears gothic, victorian style skirt, overbust with sheer long sleeve top and blue cuff top.

Fortnite Rosa Wig: Rosa has long black hair with rose hair clip.

Fortnite Rosa Shoes: Rosa wears black rozz pumps.

Fortnite Rosa Accessories: To complete your Fortnite Rosa halloween costume don't forget to get face paint kit, flower pendant necklace and black nail polish.


Fortnite Rosa Cosplay

Fortnite Rosa Costume

Rosa is one of the epic female avatar skins available for the Battle Royale version of Fortnite. This outfit was released to celebrate the Mexican Day of the Dead and was first released in 2018. Outfits change the appearance of the player, but have no additional function.

Fortnite Rosa Costume

The Rosa is a feminine skin that resembles the spirit of a woman on Mexican Culture Day of the Dead. This outfit features a white face paint with various tattoo designs. The outfit also features a chic purple and blue dress with an exquisite design. This outfit also features an alternate design where the face paint, clothing, and some accessories are lit brightly like neon while the rest of the avatar is pitch black.

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