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Fortnite Rook Halloween Costume

Dress Like Rook From FortniteRook costume consists of a mini grey skirt, red tie, black fingerless gloves, white button down casual blouse, dark grey knee high boots, black tactical belt, to complete your Rook look, don't forget to get ıd badge holder, black combat vest, yellow polarized sunglasses and dark grey opaque top tights.

Fortnite Rook Cosplay Outfit

Rook is an epic Fortnite outfit. Rook was available in the fifth season via the Battle Pass and could be unlocked at level 87. Rook comes from Season 5 Battle Pass and is unlockable at level 87. It shows what kind of office worker seems to be, but with a hard edge. It doesn't really fit the season five theme, but it has similarities to Redline, which is also an exception.

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