Redline Costume

How To Dress Like Redline From Fortnite

Redline Cosplay Costume

Dress Like Redline From Fortnite

Dress like Redline from Fortnite;Redline cosplay costume consists of black tank top, leather skinny pants, black motorcycle helmet, fingerless gloves to complete your Redline look don't forget to get military army dog tag, black combatĀ  boots and temporary tattoo marker for tattoos.

Redline Halloween Costume

Dress Like Redline From Fortnite

The Redline is the name of the epic female skin outfit for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. Skins change the look of the player, but do not offer any additional functions or advantages, except for the aesthetics. The redline is also known as the female version of the burnout outfit.
The redline outfit shows a woman in a black tank top and black pants with a jet black racing helmet, which is decorated with two red lines. The avatar also has a tattooed arm with a red bracelet.

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