Rust Lord Costume

Fortnite Rust Lord Cosplay Outfit

Dress Like Rust Lord From Fortnite

Dress Like Rust Lord From Fortnite; Rust Lord costume consists of a brown leather jacket, grey military bag, military green cargo pants, blue bandana and arm wrap, dark brown fingerless motorcycle gloves, to complete your Rust Lord look don2t forget to get brown waterproof hunting boots, waist bag pack and Rust Lord cosplay helmet. You can also get Rust Lord Funko Pop.

Fortnite Rust Lord Halloween Costume

Dress Like Rust Lord From Fortnite

Rust Lord is an epic Fortnite outfit from the Storm Scavenger set. Rust Lord was available through the Battle Pass during season 3 and could be unlocked at level 23.

Rust Lord is one of the most notorious skins in the game! There was a bad reputation when many players ran around spamming the Take the L dance whenever they were eliminated or for any reason. It's been associated with bad players and trolls, so you'll rarely see one these days. It's actually quite a pretty skin, and it appears to be mostly from Star Lord's Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel range.

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