Fortnite Sledgehammer Costume

Fortnite Sledgehammer Costume

Fortnite Sledgehammer Halloween Costume

Dress Like Sledgehammer From Fortnite; Sledgehammer costume consists of military green T-shirt, grey tactical belt, camuflage cargo pants, black bandana, camuflage cap, tactical airsoft vest, coyote knee pads, black fingerless gloves, coyote military boots, black polarized sunglasses, to complete your Sledgehammer look don't forget to get brown beard and moustache, temporary tattoo marker and grey armband.

Fortnite Sledgehammer Cosplay

Sledgehammer is an Epic Fortnite outfit from the Advanced Forces Set. Sledgehammer was available through the Battle Pass in season five and was unlocked at level 71. Sledgehammer is part of Season 5 Battle Pass and unlockable from level 71. It shows a desert military special unit type. The heavy beard is a rather unique characteristic of this skin, very few skins had beards or too much facial hair.

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