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Fortnite Abstrakt Halloween Costume

Dress Like Abstrakt From Fortnite; Abstrakt costume consists of light grey long sleeve shirt, blue removable hooded padded vest,curunchberry T-shirt, grey athletic pants and light grey gloves, to complete your Abstrakt look don't forget to get 3M dual cartridge respirator aseembly, colourful sneakers, pink mini roller and 24 inch frame, grey baseball cap (you can use yellow T letter on it).

Fortnite Abstrakt Cosplay Outfit

Abstract is an Epic Fortnite outfit from the Aerosol Assassins Set. It was released on 05/13/2008 and was last available 230 days ago. This can be purchased in the Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks if it is listed. Abstract is the male counterpart to the Teknique skin in the Battle Pass of Fortnite Season 4. An interesting detail from Abstract is that he wears a dark gray baseball cap with the TT logo. Of course, this stands for Tilted Towers.

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