Tricera Ops Costume

Diy Fortnite Tricera Ops Costume Guide

 Diy Fortnite Tricera Ops Cosplay Items

Fortnite Tricera Ops Halloween Costume

Dress Like Tricera Ops from Fortnite; Tricera Ops outfit consists of a Tricera Ops outfit costume, red fingerless gloves, black leg guard and black combat boots, to complate your Tricera Ops look , don't forget to ger yellow Fortnite pickaxe. You can also get Fortnite Tricera Ops funko pop.

Fortnite Tricera Ops Cosplay Outfit

Tricera Ops is one of the female outfits for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. Tricera Ops is a red dinosaur costume for female avatars and resembles a triceratop. The costume has a tight red suit with a flesh-colored body and a dinosaur hood. The outfit also comes with the legendary hatchling back bling.

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